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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2012 at 9:12pm
Current mood: exhausted
Subject: End of a Week
I have never, in my whole life, understood why people have to compete and constantly do this "one-upmanship" surely there are more important things to do like your job?

In work we have a very competitive individual vying for the teacher's affections, and what is worse is that it actually works. So disappointing. I think getting by on your own hard graft and being noticed for it is more rewarding than boasting and bragging and seeking constant praise from the teacher. Plus it isolates you.

I have a smart phone, I stepped into the new century and decided to give it a go... it's not too good. It keeps doing things I don't want it to and is in bad need of being taught to listen when I give it instructions, not that I speak to my phone, of course, but I set it to do something and it does not.

How dare it defy me!
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