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lordpeter (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2012 at 8:44pm
Music: Dead Mau5
Subject: Our Life Is Not Our Own
"How can you achieve peace through war?"
"What else would you have us do?"
"If we die, they win."
"If we fight, war wins - what if its not about us?"
"They'll kill more."
"Probably. That's their crime. Death will find a way. As will life."
"Are we indifferent?"
"Are we gods?"
"Are we ignorant?"
"Are we wise?"
"Are we blameless?"
"Then how can we not fight?"
"Then how can we kill?"
"Because their blood irrigates the fields of peace."
"Peace cannot come from war, just as light does not arise from the void."
"What can we do?"
"If we die, we win?"
"If there is victory, it is in death."
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