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chuchitaaa (profile) wrote,
on 11-13-2012 at 6:26pm
Current mood: calm
Music: television [ how i met your mother ]
Subject: thank you.
- so first , before i go in on my post ; i want to thank koalalady . she gave me some advice , that was probably nothing to her . but , went a long way with me. i am always so worried about my past, present, and future. i am pretty good at hiding my stress and worries - so the people in my life don't really see what i go through. but ; i need to stop worrying & stressing . because, all that does is increase my stress. i need to take my life day by day & live each day to the fullest. i am not worrying about money ; i have only one life . & i do not want to spend it worrying about being rich; or having enough money; or having expensive things . i want to concentrate on MY life, MY family, MY future children & the life i am going to have with my husband. if only i could get him to see the same thing she helped me see. he is so stressed about money [ which is why he does not want to have a baby at this time ] , he thinks that it is not time because he is scared we will struggle. even though we are doing good right now & living comfortably. eventually he will see what she helped me see. not going to lie ; i have been feeling depressed & scared lately. and i always go through these phases when life seems like too much . but i usually smile through & deal with them by myself until it goes away. i am thankful i have a husband who is willing to listen to my stupid and childish fears and things that bother me. he helps me through them. even if it means just staying in the room with me and talking - so my mind doesn't wander.

i always say that i shouldn't be left alone with my own thoughts for too long. every time i am - i cause an issue within myself. i need to stop sabotaging my life. everything will be going fine & i will be happy ; but then i take a bubble bath & think to myself - and then find things to argue about . idk why i do this. lol maybe i need some help.

- on to new things in my life -

so; the other day my husband & i were on the way to the store . while driving what does my husband see in the median ? a baby kitten. i had my husband pull over & rescue her. her name is Athena ; by the looks of it she is only 3-4 weeks old. we have to soak her food in warm water to soften it so she can chew it. she has been so sweet ; cutie pie <3 i love her. i get to bring my dog to the new house soon - so i hope the get along . i am scheduling her for a vet appointment soon because let's face it - we did find her on the street. but i love her.

also ; my mom's dog [ my dog's mother ] had 7 puppies. which is rare for a shitzu / yorkie mix. so my Lola Bean is a big sister <3 it's kind of cute.

well i am off - waiting for The Big Bang Theory to come on.

Thank you for everything KoalaLady - you helped more than you know.

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11-14-12 3:12pm

Glad I was able to offer you something!

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