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moomoo (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2012 at 10:40am
Life is going great. I got two of my budgets for my wedding and one more to go. Things are looking good, might even be able to take a really nice honeymoon. I'm thinking somewhere warm, maybe Atlantis. I got the reception hall, which is the bluff banquet hall. I got a great deal and its beautiful. I'm so excited to go dress shopping, hopefully davids bridal does there 100 dollar gown sale soon! Finding a church is very hard since we both dont go to church. People are so rude when you ask about there church and try to shove religion down your throat. At this point, I will get married anywhere inside thats at a affordable price. So hopefully something will come up or maybe the bridal show in january will give me some ideas. Shadow puppy is getting so big, cant believe he is already one. Taking him to see santa today. Loving life, so excited for the future!
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12-15-12 11:22am

Does your reception hall have multiple rooms? Maybe you could have the ceremony in one room and the reception in the other?

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Re: , 12-15-12 11:48am

no, and we want in a differnt place. Because most venues will make you use some of your reception time for your wedding then. So with pictures and everything wouldnt end up eating till 8. So looking for a cheap church or somewhere else inside. Its going to be to cold for outside. So will see what happens.

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