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2ofus (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2013 at 12:38am
Being alone for extended periods of time is good for a person, in my opinion. It helps you define who you are based on nothing but yourself. Your not trying to impress anyone, make anyone happy, or compromise yourself to please others. It is a good pain. Believe me it is painful. You are trapped in a cocoon of your own concoction. But once you find it in yourself to be who you are and what you want. You become a beautiful moth, or butterfly, or anything you want to be, because fuck other people. You are awesome as FUCK.

Only then can you truly be happy. Only then can you go back to your friends and relationships and be a better person. Yes, you still have flaws. Everyone does. What you need to realize is that its your flaws that define you as a person. Its what makes you unique. You may be good at something and so are a lot of other people, but no one, NO ONE, has the same flaws as you. When you meet that person that sees your flaws as a attribute, and not something to be changed, that you know they are the one for you. I am still looking for that person to join me in thinking that my flawed attributed are fricken rad.

Until then, I have me. I make me the happiest, because I know what makes me happy or sad. Angry or Lovey. No one can make me feel better then I can. No one can make me feel worse then I can either. Its power. Supreme power over yourself. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Wield it well, and understand, no one else can affect it unless you let them.

Edit: but do not get lost in the lonliness. See it for what it is. A tool to help define yourself. Not a definition. Its a Word, you decide what it is defined as.
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