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srsbsnsrunner (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2013 at 5:30pm
All I want to do right now is write, write poems, journal entries, songs, anything. I want to put words to my thoughts, stop feeling so scared and just let myself fly free. I want freedom from the storms inside my head, nay not freedom. I want to learn how to look at the storm, put on my rain boots and go dancing in the rain. I imagine that in my head sometimes, little Kalie puts on her red rain boots and goes dancing. Laughing, spinning, twirling, sometimes I think she's telling me that it'll be okay. That the rain really isn't that bad, she makes it seem like there's freedom found in the storm.
Beauty, freedom, peace, do these always have to be found in the light or can they be found in the dark? As the rain falls and the music quietly plays, I can't help but wonder, is this who I am?
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