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moomoo (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2014 at 12:12am
Current mood: frustrated
So things have been going terrible lately. I had a terrible day at work Friday. Don't remember the last time I was yelled at so many times. I just felt completely worthless and could not do anything right. My self esteem was in the toilet by the time I left. I was expecting to get in some kind of trouble today at work, but instead no one said anything. So I guess that's good. Then I wake up Saturday morning ready go to the bridal show to get some last things done for the wedding. Which I feel really behind on and stressed about how much money it cost. The basement flooded. So spent the whole Saturday cleaning up water. So happy for my family and jordans dad and stepmom that spent there whole day helping clean it up. Pretty sure the carpet is ruined though. Good thing my home owners insurance will pay for it but have to pay a 500 deductible. I feel like my house smells so bad. I just cant wait for this to be over. Between this and being screwed by taxes in this house, starting to wonder if I should of moved. I do love this house, but though getting a newer house would be less problems. Just feeling very frustrated. Vent over.
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