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kinkyrose1212 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2014 at 9:49am
Current mood: pissed off
Subject: Bitch Fest About Job Corps
Job Corps promises to teach you all kinds of things, particularly responsibility and employability skills. Then the staff turns out to be corrupt and hypocritical. Their Zero Tolerance Policy For Drugs and Alcohol is so clearly upheld in a very strict fashion when there are students smoking weed and K2 ON CAMPUS wherever they feel like it! Right in front of the dorms, right in front of the cafeteria, right in front of the rec! There are bullies who will physically push people around and threaten to kill them, but if their victims stand up for themselves, THEY get in trouble! People are kept on after getting into fist fights. The phones in the dorm aren't working, so those of us that don't have cell phones can't talk to our families, the RAs don't have so much as Benedryl or IB Profen in the first aid kit, even though they're supposed to, so if you get sick after Wellness leaves for the day, I hope you have money and enough physical strength to walk the mile to the store and get your own. And through all of this, I still get yelled at and get write-up threats over something as small as hugging my boyfriend. FUCK YOU!!! And if we put a toe out of line, WE'RE the pieces of shit because we should know better and we signed a contract and all of that shit. If it sucks so bad here, I should just leave, but I don't want to leave Tyler behind. I just want all his military stuff to get sorted out so we can find out if he's allowed to move or not. If he isn't, then we'll figure out what to do from there. If he is, we are leaving in May. That is fucking that. Fuck Job Corps.
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03-30-14 8:41am

This sounds really bad. :/

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Re: , 03-31-14 2:21pm

A lot of it is. A lot of it is specific to this particular Job Corps center. My last one was sketchy, too, but not in as bad of an area. It's probably more worthwhile if you go in there without your license and high school diploma, because at least you get those things, but as far as job skills, I don't think I'm much better off than I was before. And it's true that you don't have to pay money for anything at Job Corps, but don't ever let them tell you it's free. You pay in some way.

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