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thestandardline (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2014 at 5:35pm
Current mood: amused
Music: phish - free
Subject: oh my god
SO i fucking found this journal after all these years. life is wayyyy crazy. ive had some amazing times living in girlfriend at the time but ive had some great relationships over the years. one of my biggest regrets in life was cheating on my gf amanda in high school. i really did love her...fucking alcohol and my dumb drunk ass ruined such a good thing. im so sorry amanda, i know youre married now and probably couldn't care less about me being sorry. but it was on of the biggest mistakes i ever made. i miss lauren so much...we havent talked in like 8 years or something. i still love her though, strange how you can love someone even though you havent seen them in about 10 years. i will love you till the day i die. sam - i wonder where you are in life now...its been so long since we talked. you were such a good friend to me and i treated you like sorry. briannna is married too now, shes got a cool hubby and her life seems pretty supreme. So im 27 now. Its so weird going back and reading my journal entries...i was such a confused teenager hahaha. At least I can laugh at myself now. My life now isn't that exciting...depression had consumed my soul...although im starting to find beauty in the smaller things in life. Someday I will meet the girl of my dreams and life wont be so lonely. I love everyone who ever posted on my journal and looked out for me. I love my friends I have and really miss the ones I used to have. Evan, Igor, Vadim, Colin, Jacob, Emily...and so many more. I hope life is treating you guys well. Well I'll keep fighting for the life I have. Its been one hell of a ride friends. I love you all. Life is quite the mystery.
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