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srsbsnsrunner (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2014 at 4:05pm
Subject: your own personal jesus.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

- Albert Einstein

You want to believe that people have changed, that you've changed. In reality nothing has changed, it's the same old shit, the same old story. Just wrapped up in a shiny new package.

The shine of the package lures you in, change, it announces, I've changed, the situation has changed. Look at me! I'm shiny and new!
After peeling away the wrapper you look with disappointment that it's still the same.
This isn't new, you look at it in bewilderment. I disposed of this long ago.
Re-gifted with a red bow, tied just right.

The perfect package, how could it look suspicious?
Deep down though, you always knew. You knew below that shimmering surface it was still the same deep dark water. Same deep dark soul.

You knew.

The lure of the bow was too much, you wanted to desperately believe that it was new.
Maybe, just maybe there was a clear pond underneath.
Not a deep dark place.

You lied. I believed you. What a fool I was.

Truth, it hurts. Truth is you haven't changed.
You told me awhile ago, you make your bed, you lay in it.

You can't change. No matter how hard you try.

I refuse to be part of that.
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