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moomoo (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2015 at 3:40pm
Ella is finally here. She came 2 week and a couple days earlier. She is a tiny little thing, but so cute. Shes doing well for the most part, besides coming down with jaundice a couple of times now. Doctor doesnt seem to be concerned so trying not to worry. Starting back on the bili blanket tonight. She is a happy baby most of the time and sleeping well for the most part. I got 5hrs last night :). I love watching Jordan wit her, she totally has him wrapped around her finger already. I was looking forward to all my time off work, but quite bored. I have no idea how people dont work. My house has never been so clean and organized. Ella got newborn picutes last weekend, I cant wait till we get them back. I love being a mom. Never knew I could love someone so much. I love just watching her. So excited for this next journey in my life.
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07-16-15 1:06pm

So happy for you Mindy. Being a mom will always be the coolest thing you'll ever do. =) I agree, maternity leave gets awfully boring. I only took 8 weeks because I had a c section and because that's all I had vacation time for, but a few other girls I work with took 12 weeks! 3 months! That seems so long. I was terribly bored by 5 weeks. lol!

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