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chibikeriana (profile) wrote,
on 10-25-2015 at 7:58pm
Subject: i don't even go by keriana anymore...
The other day, a friend and I were showing each other embarrassing journal entries from our past. I dug so deep, I found this journal. I can't even look at the username without cringing anymore. Who was I. Everywhere I look is vague entries and that particular brand of pretension you only get when you're a teenager who feels too many emotions and thinks you are, somehow, the only person who has ever felt those emotions, ever, and therefore you need to find a brand new way to articulate them.

It's so weird. I need to continue my slow process of archiving this journal, but this journal has so many entries and so much history and spans so much -- by the time I was using LJ, I wasn't updating nearly as much as I updated this; these days, I updated my DW maybe a dozen times a year. A part of me really misses that old journaling culture!

And now we have twitter.

Anyway, as horrendously shameful as the contents of this journal are, I'm glad this site has stuck around. They're still memories, even if they're.


Thanks, 14 year old me. Thanks.
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10-26-15 12:05am

The good old days, huh? When I got back into Woohu last year, I glanced through your old stuff. I loved reading your relatable, teeny entries back in the day.

Glad your teenage angst stayed in the past! Great to know you're still alive!

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Re: , 10-26-15 12:22am

it's crazy to look back on! i had such a huge chunk of time here, it felt like a massive part of my life for so long but i was really only active for five years or so... which is a huge part of your life when you're a teenager, i suppose. and i've changed so much as a person it's like WOW, I AM... NOT AT ALL WHO MY TEENAGE SELF THOUGHT I WOULD BE.

now i have pretentious adult angst, instead! about bills. and work. there's a special kind of adult angst about retail hell that happens every year right about this time, and i want to be like, "15 year old me, you think you know pain. you do not know pain yet. wait until you work retail christmas AND YOU WILL KNOW TRUE PAIN, IT WILL RESET YOUR SCALE UNTIL YOU WRAP AROUND AND BECOME ZEN."

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10-26-15 8:16am


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Re: , 10-27-15 11:16pm

hay bruh haaaaay

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04-30-16 9:39pm

Right? Like. A part of me is like dear god burn it all.

But the other part is just... Heck. This is some classic cringy shit right here.

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