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koalalady (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2016 at 4:03pm
Current mood: high
Music: Utada Hikaru
Subject: simple and clean
Yesterday was probably as perfect as it gets.

Woke up to a warm breeze flowing through the apartment. 7:45am, I head out to the balcony, pull up a table and chair and my jug of water, start working. Easy stuff, stuff I like. I even get to call a couple of customers. Everything finishes nicely in about three hours when the boys are back from their morning workout. We all go do yoga at the beach, the sunshine pouring down. I do better at some tricky poses than I have in a long time, actually. When I feel all nice and stretched out, I climb into the hammock and wait for S to finish up. Close my eyes to the water and rest. I am so content.

We decide to rent the kayaks. They have two kayaks, one paddle, and one regular oar. I get the paddle to start because I'm the girl and I set off into the water. We couldn't have asked for better weather. I see turtles bobbing up as I swish past them, ducks floating serenely on the other side of the fountain. I stretch my legs out long and keep my back straight, concentrate on keeping good form as I plunge one side of the paddle into the water, then push forward and catch the momentum I'm creating with my other side. I pretend my chest is the fulcrum of a mighty rowing machine, falling into a strong, steady rhythm. Over the water. I decide to paddle all the way around the lake. There are some fancy houses along the northwestern side, so I went and peeked in on the backyards. I paddled so close the dogs started barking when I got to the next bank. I kept going along the edge. I decided to cut through the middle and circle back to the fountain. The wind started picking up, and I had to go straight into the wind to get back to home shore. I kept my body strong. I told myself, "I could do this for real." It felt so amazing to get out and do something like this. I made it back to the shore in no time, and I felt great about what I had done.

Y and I sat in the chairs on the sand. Everything was funny. We couldn't stop laughing. We drank grapefruit juice and found shapes in the clouds while S went back out on the water, this time with the paddle.

That was probably the most safe and alive I've felt all year. Those moments.
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