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illusionofgaia (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2017 at 1:00am
Music: Le Butcherettes - Normal You Were
Subject: Vice
I've been smoking a lot again. It's becoming a habit I'm ashamed of. Before, I didn't feel too guilty. Now, I feel that if I would channel the time and money into something more productive I would feel more accomplished with my days. I spend maybe $200 a month and an hour a day on this ugly habit. That's 7 hours a week I could channel into painting, drawing, or writing. That's $1200 a year I could use to pay off some of my debt or invest into something. Let's get real though, I'm not going to. I'm a demon left to his vice. Why? Because it feels nice to ignore the world for while everyday.
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05-10-17 9:25am

i recently quit (doctors orders). i miss it though. it was comforting for me to know it could speed up my demise. it's a sick sad world

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Re: , 05-10-17 12:09pm

That's kinda funny, I say the same thing. I also say the same about all the terrible food I eat. Processed meats, salt, sugar, etc. I do wish to improve my lifestyle, but it's just so damn difficult to change. Some of us were just never meant to be butterflies, forever trapped in our cocoons attempting to metamorphosize.

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