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TaoMan1121 (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2003 at 4:33pm
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Here's a brand spanking new list hot off the presses. I finished it in class today as opposed to paying attention; I'm sure it was a wise decision. I'll shut up now...

The 30 Worst Movies of All-Time
30) Chuck & Buck
29) Speed 2: Cruise Control
28) End Of Days
27) Dudley Do-Right
26) Bless The Child
25) Scary Movie 2
24) Dinosaur
23) Star Trek: The Motion Picture
22) Chill Factor
21) Dirty Work
20) The Virgin Suicides
19) Wild Wild West
18) The Mod Squad
17) The Ninth Gate
16) 1984
15) Mr. Wrong
14) Ready To Rumble
13) Deep Blue Sea
12) The In Crowd
11) The Turning
10) Eye Of The Beholder
9) Blankman
8) Lightning Jack
7) Kalifornia
6) Gilda
5) 8mm
4) 15 Minutes
3) Freddy Got Fingered
2) Clifford
1) Love Stinks

Honorable mentions go to 2001: A Space Odyssey and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, which were both incredibly boring and disturbing, respectively, but I cannot bring myself to include because they were beautifully made if nothing else.
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03-11-03 6:49pm

Arnold was the fucking bomb in End of Days, yo.

One Hour Photo

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03-11-03 7:54pm

1984 is one of the worst movies ever made? Are you out of your mind?

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Re:, 03-11-03 10:31pm

Hey, listen biatch, I avoided putting 2001 on the list just to appease you, but you better recognize? Besides, while it was a decently made movie that held true to the book, it was one of the most depressing (not in a cool way like the book) and never-ending movies I've ever seen. And the nameless actors who were in that movie remain nameless with good reason... THEY SUCKED! And I'm spent...

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Re:, 03-11-03 10:48pm

Ok 1984 blows big chunks, i agree with that. And End of Days Blew real big chunks too, regarless if arnnnnoollllddd was in it.

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03-11-03 8:58pm

Agreed on Fear and Loathing in LV, but I have some beef with some of those others.

I loved the Virgin Suicides. I also liked Freddy Got Fingered in a sick embarrassing fashion. And I love Clifford :)

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