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kit_katt (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2003 at 11:56pm
Wow, I guess there is really nothing interesting happening in everyone's life because woohu is INCREDABLY boring right now. (No offense to Gunny, I blame the school system-blocking our woohu like that!) I say we revolt, or at least cause a minor rucus, perhaps complain some? :P Fine! But I will not rest until woohu is safely back into the school-ummmm, anybody know how I could get about doing that?

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03-15-03 3:18am

I have a few ideas on ways around the block. it should only block the base site, but it should allow you to sneak through if you try going specificly to someone's journal. if not then your system is better than ours.

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Re:, 03-15-03 7:40pm

LOL Ray. I'm all for the down-with-school-banning-woohu thing! Let's storm the school with buses and park them in wierd places so no one can park!

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Re: Re:, 03-15-03 8:53pm

Yeah! Take over the buses! That sounds like an idea!

The girl who should never have her licence,

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03-15-03 9:42pm

kt, come into the woohu chat room.
i'm in there



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