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kit_katt (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2003 at 9:21pm
Current mood: Yeah right
Music: La la la- Point of Grace
Subject: Not even bland vanilla anymore
Grr...I'm so sick of feeling ignored.

I'm not mad at her...just disapointed. She is doing the exact thing that Jackie was doing to her, and yet she can't even see it. What's the point? How can someone be so wrapped up in their own feelings and not see the ones of others around them? *sigh* I am SO SICK of being everyone's jester...well, not everyone. There are still a few, a rare few, that love my jests, and understand what I put myself through for them, those are the ones that I smile for, the ones that I cheer for everyday. Thank you for those God, thank you for your love, for not making me bitter against all that has been thrown against me, thank you for the support of my family, for my health, for my talants, for my job, thank you, thank you thank you. And thank you. most importantly, that you are there, and have given me the support I need to know there is still hope.

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03-26-03 10:44am

I'm sorry I've not been posting my support recently... to be honest, I'm just lost. I want to help, but I never know what's going on. I guess that means all I can say is this: I'm here if ya need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to yell at. ^.~ At least I'd get to see you again.
Take Care.

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03-26-03 4:08pm

Being hundreds of miles away, I can't even offer you that, but I'm still here for you in spirit. Glad you realize that there's still hope...It's all I go on. I may not have any clue what's goin on either, but I'll still hope for a day when I do! Luv ya!

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