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kit_katt (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2003 at 9:12pm
Current mood: Happy/Urked
Music: Get Over Yourself-SheDaisy/Blue Skies-Point of Grace
Subject: Hm.....interesting in so many aspects.
I can't believe my week.

Anyone could have asked me if I believed that I would talk to Crystal like I did this week, and I probably would have laughed in their face. But I did, and she listened. Odd huh? A definate plus to the week in general, so I'm glad that I lived it. I made a difference in one life to the positive, and she is definatly one of those "true few" that I had mentioned earilier. (Oh and Ray, Esther, you guys are too, just being there for me in spirit is being there for me. I love you for it. And Ray, you can stop by my school anytime, I don't mind).

Nate's ticked at me. I love it! (I told you guys to give me a week) HAHA! And why don't I care? Because I have put up with enough. Go figure, I thought I had Shina under control. Oh well, it really doesn't bother me.

Connie, yeah, nevermind.

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Re, 03-28-03 4:17pm

Hey hun, like the hair it really looks nice!

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03-29-03 4:53pm

Hey I will always treasure your dear words to me.

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