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jedibumblebee (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2002 at 9:58pm
Current mood: nostalgic
Music: Dandy Warhols- Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
Subject: But today, if you think that I don't know about depression and emotional pain, you're insane, or you're a fool who hasn't paid attention to a word that I say...
I'm afraid some of you may never realize some things about me. I also want to dispense my little bits of wisdom to the few of you who listen to me.

One. I love all of you. Some of you more than others, but you will never understand how much or why.

Two. I live my life as a free spirit. If you try to hold on I'm afraid. Afraid of you and afraid of myself.

Three. Regrets are empty. Don't waste the past by dwelling on it, by debating those things that can never and will never change for you, no matter how hard you think about it. The past is unchangable.

Four. There are many people in your life that you will only see once, and never see again. Use this to your advantage. This is freedom in the truest sense. You might get funny looks, but you'll give them a story to tell.

Five. Crying is overrated.

Six. Laughing is underrated.

Seven. It may sound selfish, but the only way to be happy with your own life is to put yourself first. Don't let anyone drag you down and don't let responsibilities and pressure hold you back.

Eight. Push yourself to the limits. It feels great in the end and once you've stretched out, you will always be able to reach farther than you could before, when you really need it.

Nine. Always respect those with the courage to be different. Even if it isn't by choice. And since everyone is different, respect everyone. Including yourself.

Ten. Don't ever hesitate to take chances. You can't walk down the hallway without opening the door, and there is no room that you can't leave if you don't feel comfortable. Use all your options and test as many as possible.

These are my ten pieces of wisdom for you all. Please take them to heart, they're the best of what I have learned.
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05-31-02 11:19pm

then you have learned well...

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06-20-02 8:45am

this i just realized is really late, but i read this as one of your memories and those are 10 of the best pieces of advise someone has given in a long time. but your my big sister, you're suppose to give perfect advise. :)

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