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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2002 at 10:07pm
Current mood: silly tired
Music: john mayer
Subject: bah.. i'm too tired. i'll humour you.
volleyballchix8: you smell like cheeese?
Tuwang128: no I don't
volleyballchix8: you should
Tuwang128: why?
volleyballchix8: beacause it's fun :)
beans get's a kick out of this.. i did it just for her :)

go outside and romp in the snow. yay!
build and preserve a snowman in your refrigerator

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06-07-02 7:00pm

I lvoe youuuuu.

yep lvoe.

what is gn?

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Re:, 06-07-02 7:12pm

gn= good night
i lvoe you too :)

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