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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2003 at 8:49pm
Current mood: Pensive
Music: My New CD :)
Subject: today
Wow...first day back was worse then I expected. I was hoping things would go I realized today how much of a loser I am, and always will be...heh, yeah, I still haven't really shaken that funk yet, as you can tell. The upside today, not one good thing happened today. OOO, not true. I got my cd from katie! Thank you! But, that truly was the only good thing today. This day made me miss spring break...only 39 days remain. Grrrr...that sucks. Oh man, I almost forgot about my job-shadowing...that blows. My options are:
1)Go to my Uncle Brook whos a teacher and a really cool guy
2)Go to school and do the bullshit 'virtual job shadow' experience
3)Skip that day with a friend of mine

You know, I might consider that first one, cuz my uncle is pretty awesome, and he has a career I like, which is a P.E. teacher. I have always thought that would be a fun career. Maybe do some coaching on the side. Only problem is, I have to fill a packet out?! Whats that shit? I'm only interested if I could go and just do stuff and not have anything to worry about. But god knows the school can't let me enjoy myself completely. Thanks Cedar, for getting the last laugh like usual. I'm thinking I'll go but not do the paperwork. Its just stupid.

I thought something was funny at track today, now that I think about it. Apparently, Dan Laatz and Nate Johnson did some alcohol type of thing over spring break. Kids'll be kids right? I hate how Myers made them get up there, and speak about it. My only issue is they claimed they were the role models for sophomores. Thats bullshit. Those two aren't my role models and not anyone elses. So who are my role models? Simple. Nobody. I have no 'mentor', I have no role model...the person I look up to?
Ha, as typical as it may sound, my father. I love my dad, for all he's done and for all his efforts. We may not have the best relationship sometimes, but I understand what he's going through and that he's trying to give me a good life, and give me a hand, doing what he can, especially considering what he had to deal with as a kid. Always looking out for his son...I appreciate that. Few dads do that nowadays, and I realize how lucky I am. Yup, some people (who actually read my journal) are probably wigged out that I'm complamenting someone in glowing terms, and especially a parent. Whatever...I'm getting all freaky feeling...talking about someone like that...whoa...too much for me. So, I'll see ya'll later. ILYTL.
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04-14-03 9:57pm

well, i think it's good you look up to your dad. That's cool.

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04-14-03 10:01pm

that's really cool addison. my mom is my role model. she is not only one of my best friends, but she is just a beautiful person in all that she does for me. very cool :)

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