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tabletop (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2003 at 5:27pm
It's troubling that the symbol for "poison" and the symbol for "pirate" are the same. Sure, it saves printing costs if you're a poison pirate, but what about the rest of us? Say you're exploring a tropical atoll in that way you always do, and you come across a big carved wooden chest with a skull-and-crossbones on it. What are you going to do? If it's a poison symbol the proper response is to walk away and tell an adult. But if it's a pirate symbol we're talking doubloons and pieces of eight and possibly some sort of locket. Or say you witness a loved one chugging floor wax. After a panicked flip through the front of the phone book, you accidentally call the Pirate Control Center. You're going to feel pretty stupid!
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04-28-03 5:59pm

mitch, you are hilarious. hahaha :0)

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04-28-03 6:56pm

yeah, I think its pretty funny. my family members call me a pirate for wearing so much skull and crossbonse stuff, hrmz.....*mumbles*

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04-28-03 8:42pm

you have a point there mitch. you would feel pretty stupid, unless your like me and feel stupid all the time!!!!!!

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04-29-03 10:25pm

Ha ha...boy, I've made that mistake with pine sol plenty of times...whoa nellie.

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