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OrfWasHere (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2003 at 10:52am
Current mood: chillllll
Music: Rx Bandits - Saw Red
Subject: "Every day I wake up, just a little bit more feelin' like a dog in the yard because it's just how we are. And every day I wonder if it's over when I wake up I realize no it isn't, and break down the w
Today is my "ap" day. I took the day off to study up for bio, so I don't end up with a 1. I really don't know any of it, but history..... I'm pretty sure I'll pass. Im not worried.

This is soo gay though. I skipped school to study for bio. This is as dorky as the time I skipped Hall's class to study for bio. Its funny how I never learned anything in that class.... I've had two bio teachers this year, and neither of them has taught me anything.
Fuck Bio.

So today I hope to read both my bio review books, hope to go to the gym, hope to be able to actually workout without any pain, regardless of my really bad sun burn, hope that Vivi and Jess get their votes for their offices, and hope that Sara b has a cool birthday.

that is all
<3 A.J.
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05-05-03 9:27pm

is bio superhard? im taking it next year.. good luck on your exam(s)!

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Re:, 05-05-03 9:48pm

umm, yea. bio sucks mega cock. too much reading. too much information. its all useless too. its waaay too confusing. i said too too many times. i'd reccomend ap chem, although i figure chem sucks just as much. ok, wait, i don't reccomend any ap sciences. they all suck.

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