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TaoMan1121 (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2003 at 3:51pm
Current mood: better
Music: Aimee Mann - Momentum
Subject: and oh, for the sake of momentum, i'm condemning the future to death so it can match the past...
Jason's Little Known Fact of the Day:
I am the most content when I have specifically four things to eat at each meal. I'll prepare the fourth thing even if I'm not hungry for it. Today, I had a Banquet fat-free chicken patty, some Crispy Crowns, and a vanilla pudding. Something looked wrong, so I went back to the pantry and grabbed the Baked Ruffles. I think that's what I eat so many pickles; it's a fast and easy equalizer.

I don't think that it's that we can't change as people, in fact I know it isn't, but I think for some reason or other, our negative traits are just too damn reinforcing to change them. Especially when the alternative is aversive, it makes it so damn hard to break a pattern of the behavior. We are not destined to failure, we choose it.

Tyler wasn't baking cookies; I'm disappointed. Oh well, the Six Feet Under marathon continues.
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