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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2003 at 4:54pm
Subject: Cruel intentions for the future of the cretins...
Dear Journal,
It looks as if I'm going back to school.

After long, tedious, cigarette consuming arguments with my mother. She decided that I should waste the next two weeks sitting in class.
As I previously mentioned, both families are moving at the same time. And the intention was for me to live with my dad. But, they have to close on the house, and that means no space for Dustin at his aunt's. Which is where they're staying until things settle.
So, I have to go live with my jesus-freak uncle, and co.. And put off getting my GED for the next month or so, which really pisses me off. My mom thinks it's stupid that I'm dropping out, and mentioned it was a "cop out". That doesn't make any sense to me since I've already taking the initiative to get some kind of legitimacy.

I'll have to rummage up some novels for the next two weeks.
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05-17-03 2:00pm

yep, life sucks, eh?
Oh by the way, what's wrong with the talks in math? I quite enjoy them!

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Re:, 05-17-03 3:02pm

Well, hello. Your the last person I'd expect to reply to this.
I don't mind them at all. I just felt like skipping the last couple of days.

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05-18-03 10:14pm

alrighty then! I guess since you don't have to worry about anything with school your aloud to do that. ;)
and why am I the LAST one? geesh, how rude. Talk to ya soon.

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