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strawberrychapstick (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2003 at 8:36pm
NEthnbutOrdnry4: ya im a crazy man with multiple personalities

this clipit came from an ACTUAL conversation with NONE OTHER THAN.... SARA ANASTAS! i kno it sounds amazing cuz she's like a movie star and all, but she's actually my secret EVIL twin with curly hair......

kangarooooos ^_^
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05-26-03 8:44pm


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Re:, 05-26-03 8:48pm

NEthnbutOrdnry4: blahblubblaablblooub?
NEthnbutOrdnry4: blah blub, bla bloub!
citygrlnyca: its like u took the words right out of my mouth
citygrlnyca: !!!!!!!amazing my twin with the straight hair!!!!!!!!just amazing!!!!!!!!!


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