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User:-glassXroses- (user# 3318)
Name:Jackie Danger
Location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
AOL IM:joobunnie6 [add buddy]
Friends:(2) -glassxroses-, strawberrychapstick
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Interests:(64) and the Chicago soundtrack., apricots, baithing, bowling, boys (tehehehe), candles, christmas lights, colors!!, cooking, costumes, crappy music noone else likes, crying, daytime syndication (ie: soap operas haha), depriving myself of what i should have freely, designs, drawing, dresses, eating, extreme porn, fabrics, Food, food, food, food, generally all animals, gluing buttons to the wall., guitars, hardcore extreme porn, hating everything, horses, horses, jamba juice, kissing ass, kittens, kung fu, marcone, marcone, markers, masturbating to hardcore extreme porn... ok i was kidding on those 3... pictures, movies, my friends, nail biting, not having to pee, presents, puppies, purple, questioning pointless things, real estate (because im an asshole), reel big fish, repeating what people say, rons absurd hand movements, shoes, sleeping, soccer, soda, staring at a spot 2 inches to the left of the person who is speaking to me, swimming, talking, talking, the french,, vomiting, wishing i were dead, writing
Created:2003-02-24 20:53:26
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