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:: 2004 7 June :: 8.29 am

These past couple of days have been interesting. I've been hanging out with Ryan and Sarah, she is here visiting from Sing. His house is crazy, between vices and crazy kids wtih axes, and getting trapped in Ryan's room where noone can hear us SCREAMING!!!!!!! Hanging out wtih ugly girls, jumping off of rooves, being a lesbian... what was that all about?! Haha. By the end of the day none of us were wearing our own clothes... nor underwear... it was weird. but fun.
<3 Jackie.

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:: 2004 5 June :: 11.02 am

Random thought before entry: Paul is sick. he hasnt been online. i will call him. :)

-Devin (Toejam
-Haley (Roadkill
-Krista (Porkchop
-Lauren (Marble
-Jackie (Garnish

Hereby induct -SARAH (Sparkles as an honorary member. WOO WOO!


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:: 2004 5 June :: 10.54 am
:: Music: saves the day- freakish

liz sent me a great big cuban penis. anyone else wanna contribute to the send jackie a penis fund?

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:: 2004 4 June :: 11.17 am

***HIPPY TIE DYE DAY IS POSTPONED 'TILL SATURDAY. so on saturday afternoon if you wanna come over and tie dye, then do it, biatch!***

So, yesterday... in the morning i dont really remember what happened, but i am sure that i did something to waste money unnecessarily. Then i bought some cookie dough, ran over to the K-masta-flexxx (Krista)'s house, and we baked. ALOT. and there is still left over cookie dough. we watched 10 things i hate about you, also. it's awesome that there is somebody who knows as many lines in that film as i do (all of them) and recite them along with me during the movie. gooooooooood times. then i went to get ryan-- who wasn't effing home. so i picked up colin--who was home. we did nothing. but we did see sarah who i missed dearly and was spastically excited to see even though we were kinda awkward and not talkey cuz colin was there. we fell in the plants though. :) that was fun. ummmm yeah. then we went back to colin's house... did more nothing... and i went home. colin and i are the worst two people EVER at hanging out. yes.
<3 JAckie

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:: 2004 3 June :: 2.09 pm



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:: 2004 2 June :: 11.21 pm
:: Music: catch22

i want to paint this... all of this that im feeling RIGHT NOW.
-last night was spent on the phone talking and playing with the one person that misses me as much as i miss him.
-i don't like it when you make me want to cry by not talking to me. i don't like it that you couldn't look at me that night. i dont like the drama and i just want to be near you again. to have you hug me again, like you used to. i want to dance with you in the hallways again. you always made me smile. i miss you.
-i dont like it when you degrade me and make me feel like a whore, even if it's true. i don't like it when you tell me i said things i never did... or when you say that i hit or hurt you. i like it when we lie in your room, and i can sleep next to you, and cry next to you, because you are like home to me. you make me think of how it used to be. do you remember that? i miss you.

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:: 2004 31 May :: 7.28 pm

Combatwaffle is a radioactive squirrel!!


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:: 2004 31 May :: 9.42 am

maybe if i write something horrendous marcone will come here and comment. :) i banged an entire circus. now i have syphillis. i killed a man with my bare hands. i lost my legs in a terrible hunting accident. i drowned, causing havoc in kingdoms around the world. I became Queen of England... after bombing the country. I'm going to conquer Japan so i can keep you in a box. AN XBOX. uuummmmm nobody likes you when you like jesus. THERE! NOW COMMENT, MARCONEDOCIOUS!

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:: 2004 30 May :: 11.09 pm
:: Music: RRRRRadiohead- Fake Plastic Trees. Tizzle.

Shiggidy Sha
tonight was good. i drove again!! haha i love my car more than any one being should ever love their car. Ryan is mad at me. except this time i actually didnt do anything. the objective bystanders agree! he has no right to get upset with me for making out with a guy. i can kiss whomever i want... and he cant have a say in it. and it wasnt like i was trying to piss him off by making out with colin!! he wont even SPEAK to me now. other than that it was a fun night at surf cafe. i cant hear anymore. justin spun mike lelle around in a circle and a table got knocked into me. i liked it a lot >.< yes. Josh bought me an apple and a bottle of water-- because apples arent usual items found at shows. haha... aaaaaaand i saw 13 going on 30 with killian today. it was cute. but REALLY freaky occurance of the day: there was a kid there who i SWEAR TO HAYZOOS was andrew joy. and then just other weird stuff like you know when you think someone is calling your name but you are just being a delusion fruit? yeah, that. i stickerized my bumper todaaaay. :)
AAAAAAH fuck. i have to take the SAT2 for Bio this weekend. i really dont want tooooo. and it turns out i can still wear my espadrilles next year... i will rock my blister shoes. :). bling bling. annnnnnd im out.


WOO WOO! (whistles...)

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:: 2004 29 May :: 10.41 pm
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: RBF

i dont know why, but for the past few days i have been exceptionally happy. :) hehe! and on top of it, i got my car today. it is the most beautiful machine i have ever seen in my life. ever. its a white toyota corolla S and it is my new child. hehe.

ME>Very, very joyful.
ME> Glad to be alive and me. dunno why.
ALIBIRD>That makes me smile.
ALIBIIIIIRD> That's very... un-jackie of you.
ME> I know, but im still me so it won't last long. but for now, i am loving it.

AAAAAAnyway... so this morning i woke up, showered and we went over to the Toyota place. we got there at like, 11 or so. we left at about 3 or 4. My mom and i were pretending we were Thelma & Louise in the convertible. Then we fell asleep in the Celica. it was cozy... but we couldnt breathe and were nauseous, so we left. We went to target, picked up some essentials like garden hoses and hangers and a houndstooth umbrella. Then i called Liz and happied her by going to her house and taking her for Denny's and some Shrek 2 flavored fun. :). its nice to make people smile. Tomorrow she and Ryan (maybe... if hes not busy being too cool.) and I will be going to surf cafe for a crap show.. but well make the best of it. Im The Devil will be there, and i like them <--This Many!-->. Funny stuff. I saw Marcos today. He touched my car in sexual ways, and i threw a Goldfinger CD. He told me about leaving Marcone in a trunk while others went to Chili's because i can't put kidnapping victims in my trunk. :(. oh well. Ummm... then me and liz saw ryan, i dropped her off and we went to our respective homes. Ryan was drunk and red. he slobbered on my face a little. it smelled like redneck and beer. oh well. it was a nice night. and I LOVE PINNOCHIO!!!! and Mongo's flaming projectile gumdrop buttons. hehe... i recommend everyone seeing it.

P.S.--> the best feeling in the world is when you first have a crush on someone, no? hehaoheaoheoae!

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:: 2004 27 May :: 9.17 pm


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:: 2004 27 May :: 4.41 pm

Where were you born?
Somewhere in San Francisco and again in Berkeley.

Where is your home?
Island Lakes entrance: the tree.

Where are you going?
To every state in the car wtih my first born.

What are you doing?
Lusting after life.

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:: 2004 26 May :: 2.48 pm
:: Music: Aquabats- Lovers of Loving Love

life is good.
LIFE IS GOOD. I feel nice about things. I have wonderful hair. I am sitting in airconditioning. I have great friends to talk to like paul. i have people who will miss me next year. i have a wonderful best friend in Japan who i miss dearly. i have snapple. i have a skirt with coffee beans on it. i am smiley. i hippy danced in chorus. i have an alison who genuinely cares about me :). i am getting a car this weekend. i have a skateboard with pink griptape. LIFE IS GOOD.

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:: 2004 25 May :: 3.35 pm
:: Music: i got a gun in my hand but the gun won't cock, and my fingers on the trigger but the trigger seems l

If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

<**It's our secret, our little secret-- we'll never tell**>

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:: 2004 21 May :: 11.45 pm

'Why wouldnt you want to be with someone you love?' why would you? why would you want to go through all that? you will just change your mind eventually... or something horrendous will happen and your glass palace will come crashing down to dust. and youll move on. so why not skip the getting over it and just do every guy in sight? why not waste your time with emotions? you dont get hurt that way, neither do they, and if you never want to see them again, youll never have to. i dont cry anymore-- but i cried twice today. and cracking that pigs skull and gutting it gave me a sense of power. this was before my mother and i reminisced about the days of innocence... when all we had to worry about were the nazis and crang and darth vader and scorpions killing us in our sleep. i wish... i wish that 14 had never happened. i wish that i could be like a million other people.. like haley. because then maybe i wouldnt be the way i am, and made the mistakes i have. three times today now. i hate this... i hate me, i hate hormones, i hate boys, i hate girls, i hate people and emotions and chemical reactions in their brains. what happened?

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