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:: 2008 31 August :: 8.12 pm

::Nathan Altman 1889-1970::

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova. 1914. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg - Olga's Gallery


:: 2008 31 August :: 8.10 pm

::Fruit Trees::

By Gustave Klimt - 1901
From Olga's Gallery


:: 2008 31 August :: 8.08 pm

::Dolce Guevara::

By Trek Thunder Kelly


:: 2008 31 August :: 8.07 pm


By Denise Oyama Miller


:: 2008 31 August :: 8.04 pm




:: 2008 31 July :: 10.50 am
:: Mood: lonely

my hamster haiku

the fan blows cool air
my mind has hamsters running
on wheels in my head


:: 2008 30 July :: 8.41 am

'Black Hole Eyes'

By Veloopity at Flickr


:: 2008 28 July :: 3.31 am

San Francisco at night

Declan McCullagh


:: 2008 24 July :: 6.17 pm

You are my hero

"You are my night, my day, my universe...
You are the air I breath, the nourishment
that keeps me alive and well...
You are all that keeps me in harmony
between Heaven and Earth...
You mean more to me than life itself."

Image of 'Deidre' from Timeless Myths


:: 2008 24 July :: 5.42 pm

The Gate

there are scars on my reality
i want to vanish into your image
i want to go to you in the place
where we can be together
somewhere out of this life
i want the life in my head.
i give you my heart's song as a gift
i want this dance to never end
the music to never stop
our embrace to be the gate to
what we know of joy and love
and all that we might learn

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