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User:0x-fwah-em-chan-x0 (user# 19827)
Location: The Mouth of the Rat, Florida, United States
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Bio:Name: Emily

Alias: Akuma, Lucifer Ann

Age: 17

Sign: Virgo

Orientation: Bisexual

Likes: Painting, drawing, black nailpolish, hair dye, boys, pretty boys, girls, pretty girls, piercings, rings, hurting people, gore, cosplaying, anime, manga, videogames <3

Dislikes: Bees, pink ( on me =x ), masturbating during the day, not being able to draw, lack of things she likes, being unable to persue her crushes.

Favorite Color(s): Purple, black, red, blue.

Favorite foods: Sushi, Dr.Pepper, chocolate, asparagus, beef jerky.

Least Favorite Foods: Beef ( I don't like to eat cows T--T ), Mountain Dew, Sprite, Orange Soda.

Dream Occupation: Illustrator, fashion designer, paranormal scientist.

Present Occupation: Student, artist, sadist.
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Interests:(131) Anime, water, alcohol, anime conventions, art, art supplies, astrology, bananas, band, BDSM, beading, bisexuality, bisexuals, black lights, black nailpolish, blue, books, boys, bracelets, cameras, cellphones, charcoal, chatting, chocolate ice cream, clarinet, cleanliness, coding, college, comic books, computers, cosplaying, creating, creativity, CSS, cybering, dancing, DDR, DDR!, design, divining, DOA 3, DOA 4, dominance, Dr.Pepper, drawing, drawing, drinking, drunkards, DS, DS, duct tape, dye, education, Emily Strange, fashion design, gaming, gay drawing models, ghost hunting, ghost stories, ghosts, girls, gore, hair, hairstyling, heterosexuality, heterosexuals, homosexuality, homosexuals, HTML, HTML, insomniacs, lemons, manga, men, milk, moonlight, moustache bleaching, nailpolish, night time, non-mathematical things, notebooks, numerology, occult, painting, painting, pants, parties, partying, photography, piercings, planets, plant life, poetry, purple, rain, raving, reading, Resident Evil, rings, role playing, roses, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, samurai hats, scissors, sensitivity, ships in bottles, shirts, showering, Silent Hill, singing, sleep, soda cans, spirit world, stabbing glue bottles, strobe lights, stuffed animals, submission, submissives, tarot cards, telekinesis, thunderstorms, toilet-bowl cleaner, tripod, videogames a lot, videogames!, web design, wicca, wiccanism, witchcraft, women
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