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User:14outtanone (user# 10782)
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
Bio:So here you are, somehow on my page for whatever reasons. You might as well stay, there's nothing better to do obviously if you're here.

My name is Nee and I live in asshole land, other known as the US. I'm an art student, aren't you proud? I'm sure you are.

I live in a small apartment and work as a starving artist, as you might assume from the information above. Regardless, I spend most of my time on one project or another so if you're talking to me and getting annoyed because I'm being slow, it's because I have a scetchbook in my lap, a tin of prismacolors on the part of my chair I'm not using, a pen behind one ear, an eraser in my mouth and sowhere in the warzone I call my living space there is some sort of liquid plotting the best way to spill on my pictures.
So sush you.

I suppose that's most of what you may have wanted to know...

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