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:: 2004 16 August :: .02 am

A note:
I am leaving It has been lovely having a blog here, but the site has become a paysite and even though I don't have to pay, I don't wish to support a paysite. This blog will remain here, but I will instead be updating my livejournal, Wonderland.

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:: 2004 8 August :: 4.42 pm
:: Mood: amazed
:: Music: Anthony Warlow- "Transformation"

I. Finished. Exile.

Take a moment to savour those three words, those three wonderful, amazing words.

I finished it. It was amazing.

I used a lot of help, but it was still brain-wrenchingly hard. It's taken me since last summer, but I've finished it.

*victory dance*

Although, it's kind of depressing... it's over now... *sigh* At least, it's over until I play Riven and it all makes sense. *plays games out of order* And then Revelations and Uru ^_^

The Myst series is a beautiful thing ^_^

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:: 2004 7 August :: 3.51 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: John Lennon- "Imagine"

T3h quiz...
i'm ryuichi sakuma!
which member of nittle grasper are you? click here!

And t3h survey...

the scar you're most proud ofBroken and repaired tooth, if you can call that a scar.
your favourite condimentSalt
if you have frecklesNo
your preferred method of cooking...?
what shoes you're wearingNo shoes now ^_^
how many children you haveNone
the first person you french kissedHa-ha...
your preferred breed of dogEskie, if any...
where you were bornSanta Barbara, CA, USA
what colour underwear you're wearingBlue
where your keys are right nowWhat keys?
if you have split ends?
when you last got laidHa-ha...
your opinion on airline foodNasty
what cosmetic surgery you would considerNone
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onEew...
your worst maladyTwice in the hospital for... I don't remember, it was quite a while ago... ^^;;
if your mum loves your dadYes
if you can sing wellNo
what your olympic event would beCHESS!!!
someone you admireJohn Lennon, Mahatma Ghandi, MLK
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapLithuania
the last time you criedI dunno...
your most interesting sexual congress locationO.o;; Ce qui c'est??
part of the Sunday papers you read firstComics
the languages you speakEnglish, some French, some Japanese, a very small amount of Latin
the religion you were raised inChristian, I suppose...
if you can draw wellI'd like to think so, but not really...
your favourite photographI like these four:,,,
what you should be doing instead of thisNothing, really...

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:: 2004 5 August :: 4.44 pm
:: Mood: alive
:: Music: Gackt- "Mizerable"


Sorry, I just had to say that. ^_^

Yesterday I heard the most awesome speaker on NPR. I've forgotten her name ^^;; but it was AWESOME. She spoke about Bush, Iraq, the media, globalization, and the revolution. Yes, the revolution. The one that will not be televised. BOYCOTT COKE. AND MCDONALDS. Yeah.

And now for the best news of the day, the week, the month, and quite possibly the year:


*YESSSSSSSSS!!!* *does victory dance*

Well, technically it's not over yet, the case is going to the WA Supreme Court, but it's a step in the right direction ^_^ *dances with joy* People are being TOLERANT for a change! *shock*


Go read the The Shoebox Project. It is the single most joyful thing in the universe ^_^

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:: 2004 2 August :: 12.41 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Toshihiko Seki- "Wild Wing Boys"

*mutters* The Princess Bride is on tonight, and we don't get the channel... *sob* I wanna see that movie... Oh well, maybe I can rent it...

See the new icon? Lovely icon ^_^ Found it while reading someone's LJ ^_^ Funny, eh? Heh

Reeeeaaaaadddd 'Tis lovely, lovely tiepr0n smut. ^_^ Lurve it ^_^ *does the happy smut dance* ^_^

Also v. good Beatles+Remus+Sirius+small angst+lovely writing+bed= happyhappyfuntime ^_^ *dances*

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:: 2004 31 July :: 4.31 pm
:: Mood: artistic
:: Music: Gackt- "Mizerable"

Mmmmm... Gackt... *swoon*

Photoshopping today ^_^ Working on this:

Screenshot of it in Preview

Shakespeare class ended ;_; But it was fun ^_^ Now we have scary Republicans in the house, from Florida. But they brought CDs of the Beatles' original BBC sessions, so all is good ^_^

Working on a new GW fic and part two of the Songfic Arc. Will post when finished.

And a movie that should be rented, if only for laughs: the Trevor Nunn version of Twelfth Night. It's hilariously funny and pretty bad, although the actress that plays Viola is really good, I think. Rent it. But read the play first. *Then* watch it. If nothing else, it's good for a laugh.

Must go and get paper and mail now. Dad rented Casablanca from Netflix, can't think why. *shrug* Ah well...

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:: 2004 16 July :: 11.44 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: The Byrds- Mr. Tambourine Man

Okay... Relatives have come (cousins, uncle, and aunt) and gone (to the San Juans) and come again (granddad, great-aunt, cousin, uncle, and aunt, not nessicarily in that order) and gone again (cousin, uncle, and aunt, back home)... Confusing, I know...

All in all, highly amusing ^_^ We (cousin, aunt, granddad, great-aunt, mother, father, and me) went to Victoria last weekend and I got a Jolly Roger at the Maritime Museum ^_^ Victoria is a lovely city, I want to go back ^_^
And night-before-last was fun too ^_^ At dinner, we somehow got to talking about politics (heaven knows how *that* happened ^_^). My granddad, I am sorry to say, is an extremely conservative, Republican Bushie, and we are all quite liberal. And he and my dad got into an argument about Bush (whether or not he is a lying scumbag- he is) and dad absolutely *owened* him. I mean really 0wnz0rd him. It was awesome. I love politics ^_^

On another note: ph34r them ^_^ ph34r t3h kodama ^_^ ph34r their cuteness ^_^

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:: 2004 29 June :: 3.21 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Anthony Warlow and Linda Eder- "It's A Dangerous Game"

Whoooo... Lots has happened lately... I shall attempt to report this in chronological order:
- School ended on the 21st ^_^ W00T!!! We had a field day on the 18th, and most of us ("us" being me, Safi, Serena, Skylar, Chloe, Rachel, Danny, Elliott, Ape, David, and Trygve) spent it in the shade cos it was SO HOT. It's still really hot, at least for here in June. We had ice-fights and listened to the ninth-graders doing really, really bad karaoke. It was funny ^_^ And then the 21st (a Monday, why they chose to end school on a Monday I do no know) was a two-hour talent show. Most of it was girls doing really bad karaoke to pop, but there was some genuine talent too. Elliott was in it, and he was really good. He did impressions and beat-boxing (I'm not quite sure how to define it but it's cool ^^;;). And then we went home, and I cleaned the house. Cos relatives are coming this Saturday ^_^
- Sunday I went to see Shrek 2 with Safi and Kiku (who is finally back, after having her ear operated on. Now she tells us about the dried blood congealing on the cuts... *nasty*). That movie is SO FUNNY! XD I want to see it again! ^_^ Then we went and got ice cream ^_^
- Today I went to my first day of college. Well, sort of ^_^ I'm taking a course at the UW through this thingy for junior high students. It's a class on Shakespeare's comedies ^_^ And it is soooooo fuuuuuunnnnn ^_^ *dances* Shakespeare=gooooooood ^_^ And we're in one of the classrooms in the engineering building (the UW campus, BTW, is beautiful ^_^ Gothic cathedral-like buildings, lots of grass and trees ^_^), we eat lunch in the HUB (Husky Union Building), and it is FUUUUUUNNNNN ^_^

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:: 2004 20 June :: 5.19 pm
:: Mood: high
:: Music: See-Saw, "Obsession"

Flamboyant Jack
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:: 2004 22 May :: 12.26 pm
:: Mood: touched
:: Music: Toshihiko Seki, "Kitto Ok"

Last night I went with my mom and some people from the youth group at my parents' church to see Dr. Arun Ghandi (Mahatma Ghandi's grandson) speak. It was just... amazing. He showed some clips from the film "Ghandi", and spoke for about half an hour on non-violence. I can't think of a better way to have spent Friday evening. It just... I dunno how to describe it, except that you know the feeling you get when something is just so amazingly profound, you can't really put it into words? Yeah. It was like that. And through the entire thing I was thinking, "We need this guy for president"

I got a pin and a bumper sticker ^_^ They both say "If you want peace, work for justice." The bumper sticker is on my clarinet case, and the pin is on my hat ^_^

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:: 2004 19 May :: 8.25 pm
:: Mood: artistic
:: Music: Simon and Garfunkle- "What a Wonderful World"

Well, um...
Life has been going fairly well, haven't been depressed nearly as much ^_^ And I *finally* finished Dangerous Game ^_^ *cheers* It shall be up on me website and soon enough, so I won't post it here... yet... It's five pages on paper, too long to type out... ^^;;

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:: 2004 19 April :: 11.49 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: People talking

Updating from the computer lab at school... *le sigh* Ari ish bored, for she cannot read Solitaire... *sigh* :P *sings* Bored bored bored I sing the bored sooooooong.... :P

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:: 2004 16 April :: 1.42 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: DEEN- Eien wo Azukete Kure

What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
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But of course ^_^

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:: 2004 15 April :: 4.35 pm
:: Mood: pleased
:: Music: The Beatles- Act Naturally

Well, I finally did it. I cut my hair. It is now very, very short. Like barely-covers-my-ears short. ^_^ Ari likes ^_^
The foot-and-something monstrossity that was my hair is now braided and in a bag, to be sent by the salon-place to Locks of Love. I feel so virtuous ^_^

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:: 2004 9 April :: 11.12 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Cowboy Bebop- The Real Folk Blues

Umm... Things are going better with Kiku, I think I'm getting used to this whole "just friends" thing... We still talk a lot... Hai... ^^;;

On Wednesday, my English class went to see a Seattle Shakespeare Co. production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, set in the 50s. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! I spent the entire time laughing ^_^ XD And I got to sit next to Kiku ^_^ But also next to Kelsey Bresnick, who talks a lot and leans on you and nudges you! Gah... But oh well. ^_^ 'Twas FUN! ^_^ XD

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