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:: 2008 18 July :: 2.46 pm
:: Music: Weezer: Pardon Me

Why so Serious?
Whelp, its been awhile since I updated. I've been randomly flicking on my friend's page here and there babbling randomly about things but I figure I'm due for an update.

Lets see, I'm employed now, still stuck with the rents, and single. 1 out of 3 ain't bad, I figure. Specially as I'm not even sure I want that last one fixed. Bringing a girl into my life has done nothing but cause hell, so maybe I should stay away from the chicas for awhile. Other than that, I'm trying to hang out with people as best as I can, but I'm sucking at it. I'm due to call Chris soonish and engage in some drunken shenanigans, kevin's been blowing me off, and I really need to go see kelly and PJ. Its on my to do list, among other things.

Everything's kind of been a blur lately too. I hate this stupid dreamstate that I'm in where nothing seems real, like I'm killing time for some grand finale.

Went to see the new Batman, and I was completely blown away. I really didn't think Heath Ledger could play the joker well at all, and was surprised. Saw it at the imax and I'm honestly tempted to do it again.

School is still slowly approaching, bringing a looming shadow with it. I'm on academic probation AGAIN, and I didn't do too terrible last semester, I just was short a credit or two. That and the constant feeling that I'm wasting my time with this plastics thing. Ok, I know I am, but once more, its way too late to pick something else, and its my own fault for picking it for the reasons I did. I'm just hoping I can halfass my way through the rest of it unlike what happened at central.

I'm going to go try sleeping for a bit, though with my back torn to hell thanks to kitty litter, I'm wondering how successful that will actually be. Later.

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:: 2008 4 June :: 2.18 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Insanity

I forget the last time I updated, but I'm only going to start with Friday, I think. I got to go see Tom Petty at Van Andel, and holy shit was it awesome. Best concert I've ever seen, and I still think he has THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST personality of any rocker. Just...I can't describe it. If you ever liked him and didn't go, you should feel ashamed, and then totally jealous of how awesome I am compared to you.
After that was a party at Emily's, and I could take or leave that. Had fun until Chris and Kevin left, and then it was just, "How long can you deal with drunks until you snap?". The answer was not very long, save a couple people that weren't preps that were fun to be around.
Saturday night was just a crazy excuse to go pick up the new mountain dew flavors and, allow me to give you my professional opinion on the matter.
SuperNova tastes like a weak weak weak strawberry candy.
Revolution tastes like berry drain cleaner.
Charged(?) tastes alright.
I'm just as disappointed in pepsi right now as I was when they unleashed that blue pepsi crap.
Monday I got to hang out with Chris, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Nothing but screwing around, clumsy gay innuendo, and watching the red wings take a million and a half shots and miss them all, while the penguins fucked around like a bunch of tards and won. As bad as it sounds for all 10 of the hockey fans out there, watching it just made me really really REALLY want football to start up soon.

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:: 2008 20 May :: 8.13 pm
:: Music: Saving Us

Yeah, I'm in a state of confusion these days. Don't really wanna blab about it here though.

Been trying to get a job and had absolutely no luck. I have no idea why. There isn't a 'convicted of raping children' tab on my resume or anything else, but I don't get shit for responses from anyone. I call back and its like talking to a guy I just caught jerking it.

"Oh...OH OH OH, hey there. Yeah, we hired someone last week. Sorry about that...yeah, I know I said I'd call you soon, but I'm a FILTHY LYING FUCKER"

It looks like I'll have to work at home all summer which I really really really really REALLY don't want to do, as I'm 22 and I should be doing something, but nope, no dice. Only other option is to go work at my Uncle's farm which is sadly looking more and more viable as time goes by.

Other than that, not much going on, just really bored in between failed applications, interviews, and constantly redialing the internet. Still have a few people that I need to call and hang out with, and I'll probably get on that in the coming days.

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:: 2008 21 April :: 7.04 pm
:: Music: Love is a long road

God dammit, I said I was going to keep at this, and I took another X month break. Well whatever, I'm going to try again, if only to try to be social.

These past few months haven't felt real in the least. Its just like I've been dreaming or watching everything from the outside. Everyday at school has just felt more temporary than anything else. Its scaring me because its the same feeling I had at central my first year. Where nothing was real, and I was just being pushed through something.

I'm horribly fucked for physics. Once the professor told me not to bother coming to class anymore, I took it to heart quite well. The rest of my classes are so blah. I'm most likely doing well, but who knows? Professors don't talk much til the end, though you are welcome to go to their offices that they aren't in during their office hours. Terrific. But thats all kind of meh right now. I've been in kind of an immunity type mood for now. No idea why, but I'm not going to question it.

Went with Chris, Kevin, and Chris's friend ben out to FOUNDERS, not POUNDERS like I thought I was hearing. Whoops...
But, went out and had a pretty good time. Lucas showed up with his new fiance Heather and friend Dusty. Good times. Things got and felt awkward a bit later on during the night, but I feel like that all the damn time, so I'm sure it was nothing. Was nice to see that Finger band that Chris and Kevin assured me was on par with the second coming of christ. I hope to get out and do more shit like that in the coming months since being anti social is starting to bother me, but we'll see.

Anyway, gotta get back to work on this lab report, so you woohu kids keep...uh...woohuing it up.

Oh, and go Delpha Omega Phi!

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:: 2008 24 January :: 6.41 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: I don't need anymore friends

Love these genes
Gotta love these genes. My mom's over-analyzing powers, and my dad's anger and limited patience. I'm so glad I got these traits, because it makes doing anything thats new next to impossible. I've already tried to play the guitar some more, but I can't because it feels like its out of tune and my fingers won't work right, so I can't do a damn thing about it. I'll have to go spend an awkward day with my uncle to even get chords, which makes me feel pretty damn stupid.

I went to Physics for the first time today, setting a new record for missing the first day up to a certain point. The first two times weren't my fault, but the others have been, so its just a meh situation for me. Professor Bacon was cool about it, showed me what I needed to do, and set me on the right path, which is more than I can say for the guys back at central. Though walking in today not touching physics since high school where I got one of my lowest grades ever was a bad idea. I don't think "88 mph" was how fast that ball was falling in the problem, but I saw it in back to the future, so who knows.

Another fun thing I did while cleaning up my room was I found an old John Meyer disc and got really pissed, and destroyed it. Bonus points if you know why! Also, I'm beginning to think that I am really messed up in the head, and could use some therapy or something.

I'm off to go make or buy dinner, I haven't decided, so later kids.

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:: 2008 15 January :: 5.05 pm
:: Music: Impulse

So my last entry was apparently two hundred, and I felt the desire to cut it off for awhile. Or something. I'm finally back at ferris for another 15 weeks of furious plastics action, meaning explosive car chases, loose women, gun fights, and the occasional sex scene.

I'll settle for that last one, karma god, pretty please.

So far its been the same ol' same ol' for classes this semester, and I'm beginning to see how I can suck at the second semester of college. My attention span is gone and I constantly lose faith in my own abilities and give up to sit around and do nothing. Nobody can match my skill in that. Though I am determined to try and make it through this semester of school with at least A's or B's. Last semester I got hosed, so I should be giving it my all, but meh. I've never done that for anything, far as I can remember. Well, a few things, but I can't mention them without sounding like an emo twat.

I'm also determined to get this guitar thing working. Though chords and simple hand movements are preventing me from even playing a scale yet. The book I'm using isn't doing me any favors, by having half a page dedicated to chord fingerings then mentioning, "It might take a few tries to get the fingerings down, but don't give up!" I hope you mean a few hundred dozen tries good sir, or I'm going nowhere.

I'm also trying to work out a bit more AND restart my comic. I'll have time to in my math class til about the 9th week or so. Stupid having a math class thats too hard yet the next lowest too easy, grumble. For the comic though, if I get it rolling and actually going to what I view as well, I might need some help actually drawing it *COUGH EDDY COUGH* but I don't know who would help me with that.

Other than that, not much going on right now. I'll be at the shindig on friday if you are gonna be there, so if there is anyone out there whom I haven't talked to in forever, come bump into me before I'm a wheezing pile in a corner.

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:: 2007 29 November :: 12.32 am
:: Music: Violen Music

Dammit Chris
I had to do it too. I wanted to be cool.


Also, today was terrible, but who cares! Kitty 4 life.

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:: 2007 27 November :: 1.59 pm
:: Music: Life is beautiful

I think I've broken my body. It took me only 21 years, but I think I've finally got it on the ropes, and I have proof.

I can't sleep. At all.

I just wind up staring at the ceiling, and getting that half ass sleep that isn't really refreshing so much as it is irritating. Oh, and your mind goes to bad places when you can't sleep, bugging you about things you shouldn't think about.

The semester here is nearly over, and its about damn time. I'm already at that point where I want it to be over, but hey guess what? I'm a fucking freshman, so I'm nowhere near done. I'm actually getting started! wheeeee. Next semester will be where its at, as I've never completed a spring semester in the past 2 years without giving up, quitting, skipping, etc. etc. I'm curious to see if I have that fuckit mentality again. I hope not, but I won't be surprised if it surfaces.

I made my [Brass Hammer] last night, and despite some slight tolerance issues, I got 100% on it. If you guys saw my handiwork in high school and middle school shop, maybe you just shat yourself. Hell, if you've ever seen me try to do anything more complicated then change a light bulb, you should be shitting yourself. But I ran that lathe machine like a PRO. PRO I say. Even though I had no idea what I was doing yesterday due to sleep exhaustion and general lack of knowledge about drill presses and advanced lathe functions. But hey, its done, and I'll probably get an A or a B+ in that class, so rock on.

Other than that, I got nothing. I'm not sleeping, its freezing, I'm hungry...but I'm still somewhat happy. I blame Trans-Siberian Orchestra, as that will be epic on saturday night, and I can hardly wait.

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:: 2007 12 November :: 11.44 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Old school Kirby stuffs

Petty annoyances
So, lately I've been depressed, and have been unable to locate the source of this depression. I've discovered the truth behind it, and while I don't like the answer, I've accepted it.
I truly live for the weekend. I hate the weekdays, and most people I meet. While a few weeks ago I learned that drowning my sorrows in booze is nowhere near the answer that I seek, surrounding myself with friends and family is.
Had a great time with phil and nate on friday, though I got the impression that nate's woman wanted to rip my head off. That won't be the last chick I drive to a murderous state of mind.
Saturday and sunday were spent hanging out with david. I'm amazed at the nothing we can do, and yet I enjoy myself so much. One of these times we will actually do something, god willing, that doesn't involve booze or sitting around all night.
The other problem is that if I'm not with someone on the weekend, I get lonely, and that has become devestating for me. The whole over-analyzing thing bites me in the ass, and I contemplate many things that I shouldn't, such as things involving heather, my friends, my 'distant' family, myself, hell, even Katie Albrecht. I mean, srsly, what the fuck is wrong with me?
A stupid girl today reminded me that most people are worth dick. She was talking on her phone, and followed me nearly all the way to class. With speakerphone on. For about 5 minutes, I got to listen to two typical valley girls chat it up. Yeah, no problems there.

After Lara (the girl using her speakerphone) told Sandy that she couldn't figure out why Jamal left him, I spun around and replied, "Maybe because you are whiny, or self centered, or stupid. Maybe we can just combine all three and say he left you because you are a whiny, self centered, stupid bitch." She then looked at me and said, "Don't butt into my conversations!" We argued, but I eventually copied a move from david's book and used the over exaggerated head nodding with a goofy smile technique. It was super effective.

For some reason, I haven't given a damn what anyone thinks about me since then. All it took was a huge moron to remind me why people aren't shit, or at least most of them out there. Now to finish that homework that I've been avoiding for about three hours...though this kirby game won't play itself...dammit.

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:: 2007 1 November :: 2.33 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Seether

Tale of Predictability
So, I finally dropped out of trig. Since I couldn't maintain a 60% in that class, I figured it was a good idea, especially considering how the plastics degree works. Time for a job, though I have virtually no faith in actually finding one, as I haven't been able to get employed since Cutco came to me.

I'm reading Tale of Two Cities, and I really don't get why everyone praises this garbage. It has the same predictability any other author from the past has, where you can just expect the worst to happen and be right 90% of the time. It is especially awesome how authors stick their noses up in the air and say, "Television is so predictable with their happy endings and perfect conclusions, writing will never be that way." Yeah, you guys show us. Make your books predictable with their sad endings and 'thought provoking' conclusions. No, I'm sure nobody will be able to pick up on your subtle hints of the main character being a modern day jesus christ. *ROLL EYES HERE, LOL*

I'm just tired of reading this rubbish, and I'm thankful this is the last time I'll have to read anything like this. Dickens pretty much told you the ending in the very beginning, or gave you enough hints to come preeeeeetty damn close to figuring it out for yourself. So now I read all the parts in between with 'character development' and 'suspense'. Really, just kill off Sydney Carton who is actually pretending to be Darney. I don't give a flying fuck about anyone else, just stop trying to pretend like you are going to do otherwise.

There is a short chapter where it convinces someone who hasn't read a book from the past like everything will be ok, because Dickens just wanted to fuck with people, and build development. Just...bleh.

Manic McGee...does anyone remember that? That book is the very last I remember reading that was required to be read that I enjoyed. Characters died, lessons were learned, and good times were had too. Not this MARTYR MARTYR MARTYR shit that I have to read years upon years in a row. A life is a fragile thing, our innocense died, good and bad, I get it, I get it. I just don't CARE. That one story...1944 maybe? Chris would remember it. That was pretty good too, though Chris's constant reminders and assertions that I was the crazy athletic guy and he was the kid who PUSHED said athletic kid off a tree trunk was kind of unnerving. Thats why I never let him in my treehouse.

Fuck, I think I wall of text'd again. Anyway, later kiddies.

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:: 2007 27 October :: 12.51 am
:: Mood: quixotic
:: Music: Foo Fighters

So, it has been awhile, again. But, after seeing Jessi(e?) in Chicago, I'm totally gonna do this again. Totally. First, I'll do some generic shit for myself.

1) I'm no longer dating Heather. That ended a few months ago. Painful, and I'm forever scarred. /tear and all that.
2) I'm not at Central anymore. After doing jack shit for 2 years, I decided to get out of there, and I'm at Ferris now, majoring in plastics.
3) The plastics program at ferris is for the design, manufacture, and all that shit of plastics.
4) I'm SLIGHTLY drunk right now.

So, on thursday afternoon, Amanda and I took off for the HIM concert in Chicago, and I must admit I didn't have high expectations. I don't hate HIM, but I don't adore them the way some people do. I just dig a few of their songs and figured they might be checking out. Here is the problem with heading there though, I never asked myself an important question.

Who is the opening act?

We walked in and Congress Theator is just amazing. It has a huge HUGE roof that once they fix up will look great and could be incorporated into some shows and whatnot. There were screens set up that read, "Bleed Through". I figured out that they were the opening act, and I thought, "Oh, maybe they have a my chemical romance sound, or some generic angsty sound like the plain white T's.

Oh, if only.

Out they came, and I realized right away that my ears were in for a world of hurt. It definately didn't help that I was standing right next to the speakers, and they let loose with their first song, "The guitarist and I are in a loud contest. I'm totally going to beat him". After that earsplitter was over, he let fly with, "My voice is a giant penis and I'm going to fuck you in the ears". I didn't care for that one either.

Afterwards he made an announcement that was basically, "It is an honor for us to tour with fucking HIM. It takes some big fucking balls to put a fucking band like us being the opener for them, so it just goes to show you what kind of fucking band they are."

He continued to blab, and finally said, "Now, I want to fucking make some fucking noise in this fucking bitch and fucking have all of you fuckers moshing in the first fucking rows! I WANT TO SEE THE FUCKING HORNS!!!" and began playing. He then repeated this process for every song. The highlight of them playing was when we both looked each other in the eye, and I shot daggers right at his face.

After they assaulted my ears with another 3 songs, some questions occured to me. Why did they have a keyboard player? It was a chick, so I'm assuming for the boobs. I mean, all I heard was the singer and the guitar player, and I was next to the damn speakers. Was she just their to voice the words and really bang on those keys?
Before playing a song, the singer spoke about his grandfather passing away a week earlier, and said he was going to sing for him or something. I expected a slow song, but it was really fast, and I SWEAR he was repeating, "Big whore, big whore, big whore!" over and over.

After they walked off, I realized that HIM would have to rock my socks double time to make up for this atrocity they put me through. After 30 minutes, they finally came on stage, and, wow, they did.

For those of you that turned down going to see them the past few years, I laugh in your face. It was very worth it. The best part for me was the lead guitarist who is Lindee...I think. He is pretty much Phil, with dredlocks. It was pretty badass. Though, Ville, the lead singer, was up there chain smoking after every song, which I'll admit was impressive. I mean, he smoked in some of videos and behind the scenes stuff I saw, but I didn't know he was kick ass enough to just smoke through a show.

They sounded pretty good too. I have trouble hearing Ville's voice, but everything was just done really well. Sound, lights, hell, I actually laughed at one of his jokes. I was blown away, I really didn't expect it to be that good. There is something that bothers me though.

The horns. They are sacred. You never throw them up for any ol' shmuck who can play a chord or two. Yet, that is exactly what was happening. HIM has a pretty decent collection of songs in terms of tempo and sound, but when they are singing Joy and Sorrow, which you must admit doesn't sound very metal or heavy, and there are 100 idiots around me throwing the horns, it definately hurts its value. There was one instance I actually threw them up, and it was during one of Lindee's solos. Other than that, no way. Nothing else was deserving. They are sacred, and they are being tainted and abused, and it made me sad.

After that, we went to Jess's house like thing and stayed there for the night. I did some catching up, and decided that I should totally start using woohu again.

So, I'm back!
If my comebacks to woohu were sequels, I think we would be at...lets see
Atman's Woohu: The reckoning

Anyway, I'm going to check my friends list and hopefully do something more worthy of mentioning. Oh, and drink. I still have some of that to do.

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:: 2006 6 December :: 11.11 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Rewrite

Woohu is dramatown?
Thats my thought after looking at a few of the posts on my friends list.
A lot of my friends seem to be wrapped up in the whole, "I drink and smoke pot to pass the time!" and it kind of disgusts me. But, whatever, lets just skip past that.

This week has been brutal. This is the most work I've had to do ever, and its really taking a toll on me. I find my roommates to be incredibly annoying, even though they are doing nothing wrong. I hit my head on my bunk, and upon doing so, Jarrid asked if I was ok. I think screaming, "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE" was NOT my best option. My patience is wearing very thin, and it looks like I'm gonna average out another C semester.
I started pumping out my 15 page short story...but unfortunately, but it would be more accurately a 30 page story...ish. The main character also is pretty much just me.
The point is, I'm tired and just want to relax with some Wow or somethin.

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:: 2006 25 November :: 3.39 pm
:: Music: Hints, Allegations, and other things left unsaid

Go man go!
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. I hope yours was fun and enjoyable.
I had a good time as well, our standard thanksgiving, except heather tagged along this time. I fell asleep which is a first for me, I don't typically have that happen after meals, but I blame the fact I'm trying desperately to keep this cold away that david could possibly have given me, so I guess my body just decided to shut down to be safe.
Friday I went to see Happy Feet, and there could be a giant bitching about that, and what it meant to me, but I'll spare you. We'll just say I wasn't impressed. What bothered me is on the ride home, I said that I didn't enjoy the movie, and my dad said, "Well, just remember when you were little, we went to see a bunch of movies that I sure as hell didn't want to see." I asked which means and the first one was KaZaam or that crappy one shaq was in. I laughed, because that was really a bad call, but then he started listing off other movies that we both had seen and that I thought he wanted to see too. It kinda stung, because when we hung out when I was younger, I wanted both of us to have a good time, and that was and IS still important to me. I understand the why, but...meh, I'll drop it.
As of late I keep getting ideas to go down a career with gaming, but I really don't see how any of that could ever work. The due date for classes next semester is tomorrow, and I still haven't actually picked anything, because I don't know what the fuck to do. I need to pick a major and minor soon or some such bullshit, but I'm still clueless. All I've done is narrow shit down, but its not even to the point where it is overly helpful. I guess I'll just do another semester of whatever the fuck isn't taken with a few things that interest me.
I've discovered that I'm very boring and have little to talk about today, so I'll bid you all farewell.

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:: 2006 13 November :: 9.37 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Dethklok

Jesus H. Christ, I live
Yea, I'm not dead, blah blah blah vague promise to actually update woohu, all that good shit that I say every 6 months or so.

I think my problem is I never have anything to talk about until 6 months to go by. Or I'm lazy. Maybe its a mix of both.

Lets do a quick review of college:
Programming: Gah, why is this shit so hard?
Compys and society: Gah, why is this shit so stupid?
Marketing: Gah, why is this shit so obvious?
Creative Writing: Gah, why is it called 'creative'?
So, I'm really not enjoying myself this year, if it isn't already obvious. I'm really starting to attribute it to being away from friends and family. I'm lazy, but I'm not willing to completely blame my apathy for wasting my parents money. Despite my protests, my parents see no reason for me to try another school, but insist that staying at CMU for 4 years and getting a degree in god knows what is the best decision. My parents have literally told me that it doesn't matter what I get a degree in, so long as I get a job after its over. I agree with that, but only so far. Why drive to central and home again for over 4 years every weekend, paying for boarding, and everything else. To me, I think they love having me out of the house and enjoy all the nothing they do. Literally. They watch that 70's show and eat cereal.

I had more, but I got bored. Maybe I'll try updating this week.
Maybe. I spoil you kids sometimes...

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:: 2006 15 May :: 3.25 pm
:: Music: Window Washer's Dream

Dez is gone.../sadface
This weekend was a blast. All the way from the "LFG USA" to the "Why the FUCK can't I leave this damn country yet?!" Friday morning with bill was fun, and we even got lost on the way to eden! I DID find our way back to plainfield though, because believe it or not, I had a faint idea of where we were. Dez met everyone at eden, then we dropped bill off, I showed her my house, then went off to get an interview. Oh, and for everyone here...


btw charlie, if you are reading this, thank you ever so much for calling me back from wendys...< incredible sarcasm
We rented a bunch of movies friday night, and watched them. I couldn't believe that dez never saw office space. How do you NOT see office space? Then we watched Kung Fu Hustle, and that was badass. If you haven't seen it because it looks 'weird', stop being a freak and watch it. We woke up at 7 the next morning though, to have some breakfast! Then...uh...promptly went back to bed til 3...yea, I'm an excellent tour guide. The best part of michigan is sleeping in til 3 on rainy days. After that, we went to kevin's for an uber lan. That was pretty cool too. We woke up on sunday and took off for the airport, but her plane wouldn't let her leave so she couldn't go back til today. So last night she went to my grand mothers and after I got a lot of abuse (wet willies and wedgies...four on one is NOT fair) we went home and watched the Emperor's New Groove, as my parents never saw it. Then we went to my room and watched TV til 12:15 or so, and slept. Til about 12:30 this morning. Then I took her back to the airport and she went home to dale, whom I'm sure has been freaking out this whole weekend. Other than that, I don't have much going on, but certain people *coughchriscough* I must get in touch with so that massive 'hanging out' can occur. Not much to report until I start my job, so, later kiddies.

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