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:: 2009 23 January :: 12.23 am


It has literally been years. Thank god for old email addresses that can be recovered and then still have passwords sent to them.

How is everyone doing?

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:: 2006 13 July :: 10.50 am
:: Music: the mars volta

They will walk among us.

This seems too crazy to be true.

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:: 2006 6 July :: 10.35 pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: ATDI

Crepitating as I type

I made 65 dollars today.

My whole body is sore, especially my hands. I was standing in a hollow, empty church, hammering the wall for seven hours. Dust was thick in the air as chunks of plaster flew by me, into my mouth and hair.

I'm going to bed now.


:: 2006 29 May :: 6.35 pm

A Recollection

And the studying begins.

After a half an hour of just gathering materials, (notes, worksheets, quizzes) I am finally ready to start remembering all the information I've forgotten in the last few months. This will take awhile.

I'm dreading tomorrow. Math never has been a strength of mine.

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:: 2006 14 May :: 9.48 pm
:: Music: Admit it! - Say Anything

Maybe this will wake you up.

I love this song.

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:: 2006 15 April :: 2.45 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Chiodos - To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything

Hack Attack!

And from far away, people cower under window sills, behind curtains, peering through blinds. "Who could this be?" "He certainly doesn't look Asain..." "Where is his suit and mask? And what about his sword?"

No, there isn't a ninja on the loose. It's just me, playing hacky sack in my driveway. But I always wonder what people think from far away, because they probably can't see the hack.

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:: 2006 10 April :: 10.00 pm
:: Music: 30 Seconds to Mars

Smokey Surprise

That was about the best (and latest) birthday party I've ever had. Totally surprising.

I also had my first day of Drivers Training today, which went extremely well. I'm a better driver than I hoped. I only killed 2 kids!

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:: 2006 9 April :: 5.47 pm
:: Music: Nine Inch Nails :: With Teeth

Twelve Days

Lucky #Slevin is an awesome movie. Everyone, seriously, go see it. It's nice to be seventeen so I can easily see rated R movies. It was such a hassle glueing that beard on so I looked like the guy in my fake ID.

I preordered Ten Thousand Days yesterday at Best Buy. I seriously cannot wait for it to come out. The single goes on the radio the 17th, so, I'll be listening to KLQ the whole day.

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:: 2006 5 April :: 8.51 pm
:: Music: nin :: the fragile

It makes Creed not sound so bad

Clutch sucks.
Anyone want to buy Robot Hive / Exodus?

-Allusions to sucky bands
-Real authentic klan rally shouting
-Horrible lyrics
-Stupid pictures of robots

For the low, low price of $13.00.
Brand new; perfect condition.

Also available, but actually not quite so bad, I just never listen to them anymore:
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:: 2006 13 February :: 3.28 am
:: Mood: drained

Fingers twitch and muscles flinch

I've been lying in my bed since 10, wide awake. The pills that my mom got me say "Stop use and ask a doctor if sleeplessness occurs." I don't think I'll be using them anymore, which is too bad because they work really well.

I'm going to be so dead tomorrow.

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