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:: 2008 29 September :: 12.55 am
:: Mood: confused

In my Brain
When u listen so hard to those love songs and u can't decide if you want to be placed in that old frame of mind

When u think u like someone for a great personality and the interest the two of u share

When u already made a sticky situation about 10 times worse

When despite u being completly content and loved beyond measure when ur in their presence still say to yourself....i can do better

10 times worse when u think about it might really be 50 to 100 times worse

don't be shallow
don't be shallow
look beyond the physical
but i can do better
hes not awful looking
just short
don't rationalize
don't be so cruel

stop pulling him on a thread of hope.....

I can just make things official and see where things go...I mean why not

i could always break it off

going into a relationship with unsure feelings = not so good

thinking about the guy of ur dreams possibly waiting for u and u turning him down

thinking he could be that guy if u give him the chance...

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:: 2007 30 December :: 11.14 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: nothin

oh man
so whenever i write poetry or anything it's when i'm either mad, estatic about sumthing, slighty depressed or I have no one to go to....
but yeah this kid is just throwing me for a loop. It's like the qualities underneath his false exterior just jumble me around. He's smart and i love that... just overrall knowledgable about the world around us but he isn't obnoxious about his intellegence it just comes out in conversations. But speaking of conversations there is none verbally... just dancing fingers over keyboards, not inflections in voice. It kills me that he won't hang out with me.... is it fear or wat? I'm not gonna bite his head off i just wanna get to know him in person, see if we can hold a conversation about something/anything. I can't be this crazy b/c it can't be wrong to feel or think the way i do. It's been like two months and I've kept myself fixated on an object of my desire/ curiousity. Although we're looking for different things..........and with that note I'm no ones effin booty call. But wtf- i don't know what i want. maybe the long term thing doesn't work for me.. so far it kinda has but maybe i need to just give things a try and before i completely check them off my list of "not-in-a-million-years" things.

confused doesn't have enough letters in it to explain my mood....

i told myself i could do this thing be the hunter and get what I started out for. but to be honest with myself I dont know if I could emotionaly handle it and I thought i could just give it a try..... it's a small portion of the huge life i have left to live and i couldn't hurt. if it doesn't work oh well if it does then that would be great...........goodness gracious... neway i wrote this...

Why, when it all seems so crystal, do they have to breathe more life into you
And fog up the glass you worked so hard to shine
When you think you have the world figured out and then that extra variable gets thrown in
And takes away all meaning to an equation that worked just fine
How you think that ďoh things are just getting startedĒ but the gun shot was never fired
And you havenít made your way to the starting line
When you second guess so much that it becomes the third, the fifth, the sixth time
I canít hold on to something without any tangibility
All have now are words plainly spoken to me
Actions could unveil something deeper
But should I keep digging if there might not be anything there

alright then enough said....

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:: 2006 12 November :: 7.02 am
:: Mood: Unsure
:: Music: tv background noise

an electronic diary entry
last one was a test....

Well it's a bright sunny Sunday morning and here i am at home. Nothing real important going on, just thought i'd write in this ol' thang....

Woohu has been there for sum real times in my life, boi o boi

A first "love" and a second (and yes quotes are essential)
^ speaking on that i feel so stressed, beyond belief type stress. Like wat would have happened if i wasn't so tied up in the past and i was happier with something i really wanted instead of liein to myself and growning in love/like with ppl........

boo whoo tear wtf- ever.... :(

I wish i was the type of person to give into my id once in a while and act on impulse and just not think about wat could happen and just go for what i want.......i think i missout on sooo much that way but i don't know what i miss out on b/c my mind can barely branch out enuff to think about possibilities.........

newho and college
^ even more stress because i'm not sure wat to do with this whole thing there is only one place i want to be and i think well i don't want to just apply newhere, but i'm starting to realize that i have to do double work i've been doin b/c application time is narrowing lateness and no holiday stressin

and faith
^ i'm just about 18 and unsaved i feel embarassed to say it... i don't feel as if i inderstand completly wat it means...i know im protected but i thought if i confess my love of god it's all set and done........ which i do im not ashamed and i let ppl know..ut when im in church and they do alter calls and say if u have not confessed your love of god or w/e i think every single eye is on me....even though it's not. dramatic to say but i can feel it, i guess thats just insecurity working me over. I sit there and i think let me go up there but i have a bible and i go to church i feel as if i look to god with my questions and stuff but i just am rediculously lost. And when im sitttn in the seats listening to the preacher and he says things like Halloween in wrong, gay/lesbian is wrong, abortion is wrong, and then jumps in politics ex. "don't vote based on color vote based on the issues and those who are deffending god". I don't agree with it

kids don't c halloween as the devils holiday when u put ideas in there heads saying how evil it is u poison them and take away there one says christmas is wrong but kids look foward to a fat white man going down the chimney and bringing them gifts......... not as a faithfull celebration

even thought it's not my preference, i don't c homosexuality as a problem i c it as a lifestyle. by sumone standing infornt of hundreds of ppl in a place of god and sayin loving another person is worng, what kind of message is that...... u may not like what they do but u can't hate who they are

i don't like abortion but i won't tell someone they shouldn't do it....lots of ppl have no one to turn to in situations like that and despite other choices some ppl aren't fortunate enuff to have them

and don't tell me who i should vote for....... if you start tryin to minipulate how ppl will vote and change the outcome of the races it isn't their vote anymore it's pastor "such and such's" vote. I don't want to stand in that little booth saying to myself well i could ote him but pastor says the idea of yadda yadda is wrong..........i want to have a clear level head and base my choice on what i believe/know/base my life on

and after i typed all that i still want to go to church and hope one day i'll hear a message that will forever change my life for the better and give me a clear cut answer to my faith, love life or career. I don't have sumone to turn to and ask "wat should i do to be saved" or "if really don't mind what college i go to so long as i go, does that mean im undetermined" or "should i go for what i want and not be so afraid of what the outcome could be"

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:: 2006 12 November :: 6.41 am


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:: 2005 1 June :: 9.47 pm


Words that rhyme
Mean nothing
Why rhyme when no one talks that way
Itís worthless to try and sit and think
Pulling out words you would never use
So to me poetry
Means nothing

When I write an essay do you want it to rhyme
Or do you want to hear what I really have to say
Do you want to know what I learned from Dr. Sues or Dr. King?
Try to understand this ďproseĒ as poets say
Iím very opinionated and wise beyond years
And I donít want poetry to carry on past me
Sorry if I offend some but to me poetry
Means nothing

And I call him Poetry

Let me tell you how I meet this boy
And whenever I see him he brings effortless joy
No material things that usually give me glee
Those smiles and lips no longer interest me

I wish I might imitate his sensuous flow
But every time I see him he has something to let me know
He can flip a switch give me Light or Dark
Straps me into an emotional roller coaster only if I embark
Upon his words

Heíll ride and embrace every curve, swerve and dip
The balance of differences never seem to tip
He is flexible enough to match my flavor
From a zesty to sweet all of them he can savor

Donít make my words speak let them sing
Let me start again from the very beginning
Let the whole world know
In short he is simply so Divine and Lovely
And I call him Poetry


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:: 2005 13 May :: 10.21 pm

The story the Glass Menagerie tells about a family of three living in St. Louis during the late 1930ís. This paperback is written as a play and the main characters are Tom and Laura, who are siblings, and Amanda who is their mother. Laura is a slightly disabled young woman who tends to allow her small deformity holds her back from a lot of thing. She gave up school because of her problem and Amanda didnít make her situation any better. Amanda, being in her younger years a vivacious young woman, thinks of Laura as a failure. Laura is treated this way because she isnít perusing her motherís dreams for her to be the wonderful lady she invasions. Amanda soon picks up a job selling newspapers.

Tom is busy paying most of the living expenses and trying to earn some extra time to enjoy his youth. Tom and Amanda often bicker about Tom not making the best use of his time. During an argument he accidentally knocks over a shelf that has Lauraís loved Glass Menagerie enclosed inside. After making up with his mother, Tom brings home his friend Jim Oí Connor for Laura to meet. Little do Tom and Amanda know but Laura attended school with Jim and had a crush on him (the only boy she liked). Laura meets Jim at the door and is too embarrassed to enjoy his company, the meal or her motherís instinctive flirtatious actions. Laura and Jim later talk and enjoy each otherís conversation enough for Jim to kiss Laura. Jim apologizes with kind words of wisdom that exert confidence into Laura. He admits to having a fiancťe. Amanda manages to get a few rude and very blunt phrases for Mr. OíConnor to take with him. Tom eventually leaves his mother and sister behind a while later as Tom finishes up his familyís story.

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:: 2005 28 February :: 10.17 am
:: Music: nothing

Im mad/sad
I hate snow and all that comes with it. I was suppose to go out with dan and his mom today but because of a fake winter storm warning we can't. I was looking foward to it. He's mad too. But that doesn't mean I can't try to figure out a way around it.......... dun dun DUN! Anyway this weekend was an adventure. On Friday i went to dan's to work on a project with adam and jenai. It started fine till we realized we couldn't work together and we were doing the wrong project. Then afterthey left I stayed at dan's house 3 hours past the time i was suppose to be home so i got home at about 10. Bad i know and my dad was mad too. Although i didn't get a bad punishment at all. Then on Sunday we went to church and on the way to church everyone was complaining about hunger and how we needed food. Then after church we went to Bob Evans and when we were waiting Jocelyn passed out in the resturant. I never saw someone pass out in life. Then we went to the emergency room and now she is fine so w/e. Got to go loud speaker.

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:: 2005 25 February :: 11.44 am
:: Music: Nothin

In Comp Class (again)
We have so much free time, and everything for games is blocked off. Ok lleme see yesterday I went outside and took a walk in the snow. I went around the Bridal club, to the front of my developement and back home. in total about 35-45 minutes. It was nice and peacful. I needy time out just to be by myself and get some thoughts and fresh air. ahhhhhhhh.Then i came home, thought there would be no school, found out i was wrong and went to bed at about 1. I woke up this mornin cleaned the kitchen, got dressed and left. I got to school found out about another fuckin' humanities project :( and then came to computer class and found out that I am not failing Spanish. Three A's, three B's so yeah. Hummmmmm, today I have to go to Dan's to work on a project with Adam and Jenia. It's not gonna be super e-z though. We have to do some cliff notes on the Grape of Wrath. We should be fine with that. Lemme c uhhh.......oh still not decided on wetha to go to cotillion yet. the whole $40 thing (20 class dues and 20 for the thing). This is a dance in the cafeteria.........isn't it exciteting.......................................................................... lol. ok im done now i will write in here next chance i get.

angela rox EARTHQUAKE

inside joke.........ah ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^ sexi ebony bit^

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