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:: 2005 8 November :: 4.39 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: Rise Against ~ Swing Life Away

w00t for Avalon
Wow. Havent used this journal in a while. But eh, whatever. So Ms. Ragazzo found this . . . needless to say, she hates me now, and it makes me sad. :(

Stupid football games. . . . Avalon this weekend is all depending on Colleen. I really hope her mommy lets her go. . .afterall, she IS my ride, and I know she would like to see some of her friends as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

My report card was good. Three 97s and one 98. Lots of English projects to do though. . . . I'm not worried. I cant wait for next semester. Yay for Precalc and Chemistry :) .:cough:.

I'm decently happy though. I bought cool costume pieces that look uber, and I'm higher rank in Alchemy . .jeez. Took long enough. Tais is becoming awesome ^.^ I just hope she doesnt perm any time soon.

Ok, thats all for this wonderful entry. I miss WIll alot. I hope he has fun in Texas.


~Tais Ahlam Badra

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:: 2005 2 August :: 3.26 pm
:: Mood: sick
:: Music: DJ Tiesto ~ Just Be

Yea . .so no one reads this anymore. Oh well . . . wont stop me from posting in it.

Marching Band = death x2 and what?! We have to run?!?!?!?!?!?! Wtf. This is messed up. At least the instructors are funny. . . .and the music is the shit. I love it. Cant wait til we get the rest.

Anyway. . . . .I was lying. Will and Wade suck. Alot. Hate them oodles.


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~THe Heartless One

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:: 2005 24 July :: 5.02 pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: Fall Out Boy


For a friend.

Blood Moon pwned.

I <3 Wade and Will. xD My new friends.

I'm really tired.

And hungry.

And icky.

Ok . . I'm done.

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:: 2005 16 July :: 10.36 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Fallout Boy

I found the cure to growing older,

And you're the only place that feels like . . .home.

Just so you know, you'll never know.

Some secrets were meant to be told,

But I found the cure to growing older.

~I Slept With Someone In Fallout Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song

^ Best song ever.It takes me away from the depressing hell hole that is my life :-D .:rolls eyes:.

Anyway . . . Eh . . spent the night with Jasmine on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ran a mile with her mom. Died. Volunteered at the library yesterday. Drove places . . .watched TV. Read. Now I'm just sitting here playing neopets and listening to music. I need to look for a new costume for Blood Moon. I'm so happy, its so close.5 days, bitches. I should make plans with Dana and Renee. . . eh . . I dont know. I guess we shall see.

. . . boredom sucks. Also the fact the only friends I hang out with are busy. Hm . .I feel emoness coming on. Time for some ice cream. . . .lmao.

~The Heartless One

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:: 2005 4 July :: 9.49 am
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Relint K ~ Be My Escape

Eh . .
So I hung out with Avalon people last night. Met Blakey's sister, shes awesome. Like her lots. Bowled a little . . . mostly talked. I had alot of fun.

Shopping for another costume tomorrow with people. It should be entertaining. Hm . . .so I've decided I need a less-flowy costume for killing people. Like . .my sister introduced me to dance capris. And I guess I would find a semtey shirt or something. . . .I dont know.

Hm . . .a wave of depression just washed over me, lmao. Dont really know why. Or maybe I do, and I dont want to think about it. . . .

Oh well. Isnt the first time.

<3333 to Joe and Blakey.

~The Heartless One

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