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I wish I had an angel

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:: 2007 30 May :: 8.51 pm
:: Mood: despondant
:: Music: N/A

sorrow by name and sorrow by nature
I'm so lonely I could die.

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:: 2007 26 May :: 2.55 pm
:: Mood: gloomy
:: Music: Around the World - Daft Punk

I met Win Butler of The Arcade Fire.

The show was amazing.

The trip was fantastic... sans having no money and seeing cute clothing everywheerrrreeeeeee.

More things added to my materialistic list:

(or repeated)

+ Sundress!
+ Kitten heels!
+ A floppy straw hat!
+ Tights of various colours, patterns and lengths!
+ Weird shirts/dresses that look like they come from the 70s! eg. hippie attire!
+ Chinese tea set!

I went to this glorious store that had all of the above, however, it was a silly chachi store because all of that is in style right now. It's funny because in five years I'll still be dressing the way I always have while everyone is trendy in... tinfoil.

We drank tea with a man in China town named Daniel. He is the best. Ginsing Oolong left me throat sweet... and made me calm. There are tea balls there that bloom into lotus flowers when you put them in hot water.
Add that to the list.

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:: 2007 4 May :: 4.44 pm
:: Mood: despondant
:: Music: Another Version of The Truth - Nine Inch Nails

god have mercy on our dirty little hearts
Let's pretend like I was never gone.

Like I'm a missing lover that walked back in the door. Set a cup of tea on the table. There was no absence.

My bangs are irritating. I need a haircut and dye. My natural colour is pushing through. How I hate it. Shawna says that having dark hair makes me look washed out... I disagree. I also don't understand North America's abhorrant attitude towards pale skin. I'm very white. Deal with it.

I haven't seen Spiderman 2 nor does the series hold great interest for me but James invited me to Spiderman 3 and offered to pay. I can't turn down an offer like that, nor the kindness.

I'm going to make a list of things I hope to acquire because I'm petty and commercial.

+ A filing cabinet for writing clutter.
+ A bedside table.
+ An ugly lamp from the 70's. (or mysterious 80's lamp)
+ A strapless bra.
+ Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube.

I'm going to go put on pants.

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:: 2006 30 December :: 2.13 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Watching Me Fall - The Cure

it's not sexual, it's just aggression
Christmas was alright.
I still dislike it.

I got some luggage. (I didn't have any, and I intend to travel as much as possible.) It's Dakine (ooh brand name ooh), and I only mention that because it's brown plaid. So good.

Err... Some other things that were lovely but most appreciated was the money, which I used to buy myself the following on boxing day:

- clothing from Urban Behavior (don't judge me. Their clothes are both cheap and nice. Boxing Day 50% Off Sale? Yes, please.) - two pencil skirts, two silky tanktops, one sweater/dress shirt combo, one button-up shirt, one black waist belt, one navy bead necklace: $94

- Final Fantasy XII: $60

- Off The Wall clothing (so good... but so expensive.) - one polka-dotty shapey grey sweater with one large button near each shoulder, one pair of severe ankle-biter jeans, one polka-dotty belt, and one black hoody: $158

- Mac makeup - black eyeshadow: $18

Then when I was out of town with Trystan and Mac on our ULTIMATE FRIENDSHIP DAY I got Dangerous Angels by Francescia Lia Block and Volume 15 of Angel Sanctuary.

That day was amazazing.

So much friendship. SO MUCH GOOD.

I hate that I'm back at school for New Year's. Classes start on the second. I have no one to spend it with... If anyone needs me I'll be in the crawlspace under the stairs with a bottle of whiskey... crying.

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:: 2006 10 December :: 6.49 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Phantom Punch - Sondre Lerche

I'm taking a ride with my best friend
I hope she never lets me down again

I was at this family dinner.

Not my family, of course, but my roommate, Tanya's family.

I ate... Potatos and salad. (As I have been a vegetarian for several monthes now. Except I still eat seafood. SUSHI!)

Then there were many sweet things and tea. I love sweet things and tea. ... Why aren't I fat?

I want a bagel.

And a boy who isn't a douchebag.
And actually cares about me.
And doesn't just want to fuck me. (Like I'd give it up to you, idiot.)
God damn, I hate people.

I return home tomorrow from school.
I am excited to see my friends.
I hope everything doesn't go to shit.
I know Shawna will love me. <3
I got her Beauty Pop Vol. 2 for Christmas, which she wants soooo badly, but I want to get her another little something too.

Any ideas?!

Goodnight Woohu.<3


Oh god.

Did I just say I "want a boy"?

I've thawed too much.
I sound like a dreamy 14 year-old school girl.
If anyone needs me I'll be in the freezer.

(Speaking of which, the snowman that I built and stuck in my freezer has dwindled down to almost nothing. wtf freezer.)

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