.:.On A Dark Desert Highway.:.Cool wind in my hair.:.The smell of colitas.:.Rising up through the air.:.Up ahead in the distance.:.I saw a shimmering light.:.My eyes grew heavey.:.And my sight went dim.:.I had to stop for the night.:.As she stood in the doorway.:.I heard the mission bells.:.I was thinkin to myself this could be heaven or this could be hell.:.And still those voices are calling from far away.:.I heard them comming from the corridor.:.I thought I heard them say.:.Welcome to the Hotel California.:.Such a lovely place.:.Such a lovely face.:.Pleanty of room at the hotel California.:.what a nice surprise.:.


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.:.On A Dark Desert Highway.:.

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:: 2003 8 October :: 8.32 am
:: Music: .:.People Typing Next To Me In Study Hall.:.

Heyy guys! I'm in a good mood this morning. I just had a Psychology Of the Religious Person test and it was awesome! I studyed to hard and I know I passed... Hold On... gotta go talk to lindsey...im back... im soo bored its not even funny.. today is one of those days where i just wanna do stuff and not have to worry about being bored...lol...omg!! last night chase had to go to the emergency room because he supposively broke his leg or something like that so thats why i am soooo tired if i didnt already tell you... and besides the fact that i have a lot of big tests this week because you know that the end of the quarter thingy is comming up... so yeah... im stuck with that.. and my mom said that i have to stay home this whole weekend and clean out my closet, but i am going to do that sometime this week before the weekend because i wanna do stuff and plus i will prolly as usual be loaded with homework so yeah.... i wanna go shopping.... but i am prolly... and then i am going to get my hair cut... ohh yahh...lol..haha...well i feel like listening to some lad zepplin or lynard skynard... but i cant because u have to be quiet in the library and i would get in trouble...lol...omg i soo need to shut up right about now......adam is coming to florida!!!!! im soooo excited guys!! you have no idea how much i miss him and stuf like that... lol...and today i have to... i dont know... i think i will be loaded with homework and then i will want to sleep, but i cant and tomorrow i have a football game to water at... errggg... godd im a busy person...lol..hahah... anyways... i am gunna let ya'll go now... love yas!!!

.:.Wow! Someone did something.:.

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