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User:DiTzYjEnN (user# 10446)
Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States
AOL IM:JennL819 [add buddy]
Bio:Guesss wat! i jst reliezed that it alphabetizes ur interests... i had it in a different order and i liked it that way... oh well. life sux. im a reject thats gona get carpal tunnel!
Friends:(2) DiTzYjEnN, musicalbabe
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Interests:(10) Band, bein a retard wit sarah, flute reject, oboe, Piccolo, shopping, sniffin markers, talkin to gwen on the fone, tlkin on muh cellyoofone, tlkin to ken
Created:2003-08-10 14:54:14
Last Update:02 13 2005
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