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10-22-2003 06:24pm

Yo, Dragonspeaker! Just posting to let you know that I'm reading your journal now. =P I don't know what it is about other people's lives that are so interesting.. Maybe because I can relate them in different ways to mine. Well, drop me a line whenever you can. Great journal (Adorable layout). Later!


05-08-2004 06:42pm

*Pokes Guestbook repeatedly*

Oh wait! It said post Guestbook!

Ah well.



08-11-2004 04:12pm

Woot woot. Guestbook.


06-17-2005 05:16am

Don't stop fighting just because you could die... that's the whole point of fighting in the first place.

If you need anyone to talk to I'm here for you.

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