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User:Dragonfreak (user# 7162)
Location: Hell, Oblivion, United States
Bio:We took this trip to Garden Grove it smelt like Lou dog inside the van, oh yeah this ain't no funky raggae party five dollars at the door it gets so real sometimes who wrote my rhyme? I've got the microwave, got the vcr. I got the deuce-duece in the trunk of my car, oh yeah if you only new all the love that I found It's hard to keep my soul on the ground your a fool, don't fuck around with my dog all that I can see I steal I fill up my garage 'cuz in my mind music from Jamaca all the love that I found pull over there's a reason why my souls unsound it's you, it's that shit stuck under my shoe it's that smell inside the van it's my bed sheet covered with sand sitting through a shitty band gettin' dog shit on my hand gettin' hassled by the man wakin' up to an alarm stickin' needles in your arm pickin' up trash on the freeway feelin' depressed every day leavin' with out makin' a sound pickin' my dog up at the pound livin' in a tweaker pad gettin' yelled at by my dad sayin' I'm happy when I'm not findin' roaches in the pot oh oh oh all these things I do there waiting for you
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Interests:(79) losing the floor, saying what i think, secrets, snakes, south park, 50 thousand tears I've cried, A perfect Circle, angel, attitude, bad mouthing, band t-shirts, banging my head against the wall, being alone, being fucked up, bitches, bleeding, blink 182, blood, candles, carrie, chevelle, chingy, chocolate, corricedin hbp cough and cold, cutting, death, Eminem, evanescence, eyes, freaks, friends, gel pens, ghosts, good charlotte, goths, halloween, hoodies, i belive in Santa, I'll save myself, I'm so tired of being here, I've been alone all along, imaginary friends, individualness, Innocence, jelly beans, Jumping off a bridge and landing in 20 foot deep water and drowning, killing the pain with pills, Killing your mother, Kittie, Linkin park, marijuana, monkeys, mr hanky the christmas poo, music, nickleback, night, nightmare before christmas, Outkast, pill poppin, punk rock, punks, randomness, Red hot chili peppers, sarcasm, satan, scars screaming, skipping class, sleeping, smoking in the parking lot at school and laughing at how it is a tobacco free school but there is cigerette butts everywhere, split personalities, spongebob squarepants, sublime, sugar sugar how'd you get so fly?, tears, TuPac, vampires, wicca, writing, ying yang twins
Created:2003-06-19 07:55:13
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