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User:Dukespartnerincrime (user# 21481)
Location: Bay area, California, United States
AOL IM:OmgDoYouLikeJosh [add buddy]
Friends:(3) chuckitatthewall, Dukespartnerincrime, LoupGarou
Friend Of:(3) chuckitatthewall, Dukespartnerincrime, LoupGarou
Interests:(31) and dancing around my house and making up weird dance moves., and listening to music and watching tommy boy and pirates of the caribbean, and my newest interest: Daniel Radcliffe. indeed. He is very good looking., being lazy, burning cds, doing weird stuff with my friends and by myself and dressing up with them, dressing up in weird clothes and putting on ugly makeup, eating, England, English people, harry potter books & movies, imitating my gay teachers, johnny depp, Kevin clark, lotr movies(all of them) and the books which i am trying to finish, making fun of my so called friends ("chicken!"), making fun of my teachers, making lists like this, my cat bitty, orlando bloom, playing lotr trivial pursuit, quoting random people and movies, reading fast food nation, school of rock,ballet, singing in ugly voices around my house, sleeping, talking about lotr, talking about other people, talking about sean, tree hugging/being environmentally conscience, watching tv and movies
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