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User:FRUiTS (user# 13166)
Information:Hey this is a community for people to share pictures, sites, eBay finds etc. that are FRUiTS related! For those of you who don't know FRUiTS is a street fashion japanese book! Please join! :)
Members:(14) alwaysyours, bookwhore, deleted, emotions, forgetyourseatbelt, getdolledup, gothic-lolita-doll, jericho, lovedlessthanmost, ohmygodmuffin, porcelain, tolnep, xblackstatic, xrubysoho
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Interests:(9) anime, decora, egl, elegant gothic lolita, fashion, fashion design, FRUiTS, japanese street fashion, street fashion
Created:>2003-09-21 20:07:40
Last Update:04 09 2004
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