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User:HPhogwartsRP (user# 8217)
Name:A Hogwarts RP
Location: St. Catchpool, England
Information:STORY LINE/PLOT Setting: The summer before 5th year.. Hogwarts is the only safe haven through out the Wizarding world; the war between good and evil has started. And no one knows who shall be win the terrible war. Most students and families have been moved to Hogwarts. Other wizards and witches have taken refuge in other places. Although nowhere is safe with the Dark Lord in power. Mystical creatures have rebelled against the Wizarding World and its inhabitants. Banshees no longer take just the foretold ones, they now take the souls of whoever meets their paths, faeries now use their elemental control to kill and torture. Dementors now pledge allegiance to no one, feasting on souls whenever they please. Centaurs, holding alliance to none but their own, have taken out their vengeance on wizards, witches and muggles a like who wander into there midst. Werewolves now kill freely and feast on the flesh of mankind each full moon. Ministry officials fear for the worst, with the suspicion running high over who is on what side. Some try their best to help the Wizarding World, while others undo the good intentions. It's only a matter of time before the Dark Lord gains complete power over the ministry. Not to mention there is betrayal inside Hogwarts as well. A terrifying Cult stalks the corridors late at night, any student or teacher found wandering the halls shall face the horrific consequences at the mercy of the Cult. But no one knows who is a member, it could be me, it could be you, it could even be a teacher or a best friend. All we know is-- That no being will come out unscathed. RULES 001.) You must have a Woohu journal for your character, you also must write in it in character. I am not asking for daily posts, once a week should be efficient. 002.) You have to post in character.. Harry can't suddenly say, "Oh, Voldie.. you're so sexy, let's make out.." PUH-LEEZE.. 003.) Each member must have an AOL or AIM screen name, we sometimes might want you all to interact with one another at the same time. Not only can it be fun, but it'll also help the plot to move along. :) Feel free to post a conversation you and another member had in the Community. 004.) The Mods ( HermioneGranger ) has the right to kick you out anytime she thinks need be. No warning needed. 005.) Slash is allowed but it must be believable! We do NOT want quixotic parings that are incongruent for the plot line. It has to be drawn out and thoughtfully thought out, as well. A Crabbe/Oliver isn't only OOC, but is not exactally believe-able 006.) NO NET CODES ALOUD.. I don't like to decode all of the, "Oh.. LOL.. BRB.. TTYL, GRLE!".. not to mention it's annoying.. 007.) If you have read the rules thus far, you're gettin there, gotta read the rest to know what you have to have as the subject for me to read it.. 008.) Characters must post at least every 14 days. Unless you have an excused absence. You have to tell me before you're goin on Vaca, or whatever.. 009.) Remember, this RPG will contain mature themes. Such as, inappropriate language, sexual situations, slash, violence, self-mutilation, drinking, rape, incest, twincest, torture, slash, femmeslash, betrayal, and any thing else the members can create. If this bothers you, then please, don't join. 010.) Be respectful of other members Swearing to characters or torturing them, is allowed, but make it believable! 012.) You must have Woohu icons that represent your character! If you're having trouble finding one.. request one from me by e-mail with the subject "Icon" and the sublect for my earlier posted rule is "Ooo.. Harry Potter.. I love Hermione!". I know some of you will have characters that most likely will not be as popular to have an icon or to have an image to make an icon with, but I know where to get pictures, or if there are none to your character, give me a definition of how they look and i'll find some. APPLICATION-- to join Personal: 001.) Name: 002.) Age: 003.) AIM/AOL/YM: 004.) Journal: 005.) (Not required) Experience: Character 001.) Name: 002.) House: 003.) Year: 004.) Background : 005.) Appearance : 006.) Personality/Traits : 007.) Sample RP (Please make this in third person and for an action you can use ::'s) 008.) (Optional) Sample Journal Entry (this should be in first person and must involve the character you are applying for): 009.) What do you have planned for your character: 010.) (And for extra points...) Why do you think you should be this character?: Send all applications to if you do or do not get accepted, I will e-mail you back as soon as I accept or reject you.. which means as soon as I get the e-mail CHARACTERS Gryffindor ++ Seamus Finnigan- Has become very concited and arrogent over the last year. He has a small crush on Hermione. ++Dean Thomas- ++Harry Potter ++Hermione Granger- taken HermioneGranger ++Ron Weasley ++Ginny Weasley- Corrupted and skitzo from her many communications with the Dark Lord. No one knows of her disease. ++Dennis Creevey ++Colin Creevey ++Parvati Patil ++Lavender Brown- ++Random Death Eaters (MUST BE MENTIONED IN BOOKS!) Ravenclaw ++Padma Patil ++Cho Chang ++Random Death Eaters (MUST BE MENTIONED IN BOOKS!) Slytherin ++Draco Malfoy ++Blaise Zambini- Male ++Pansy Parkinson ++Crabbe ++Goyle ++Millicent ++Random Death Eaters (MUST BE MENTIONED IN BOOKS) Hufflepuff ++Justin Fletch-Fletchly ++Ernie McMillion ++Hannah Abbot ++Random Death Eaters (MUST BE MENTIONED IN BOOKS) Alumni ++Sirius Black ++George Weasley ++Fred Weasley ++Remus Lupin ++Percy Weasley ++Arthur Weasley ++Molly Weasley ++Bill Weasley ++Charlie Weasley ++Fluer DeClour ++Oliver Wood ++Lee Jorden ++Tom Riddle Jr./Voldemort Teachers/Staff ++Severus Snape ++Professor McGonagall ++Dumbledore ++Random other teachers, staff and ghosts ++Dobby As of now, all the characters are SINGLE. No relationships are as of yet apparent. But feel free to change that once you start... just tell the other character first :-D Love Triangles, cheating, betraying, foul play are all encouraged.
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