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:: 2007 26 January :: 5.06 pm

The Sweet Sound

My little brother messed up on his boat thing made of foam. So he stuffed it down the bathroom sink. My dad got really mad at him.

-laughs like the evil sister I am-

It's just too funny. :'D

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:: 2007 20 January :: 9.11 pm

Well, I had a long post before about what's up with my life. But I clicked the "delete" button and now it's all gone.

I hate it when that happens. D: Epecially an entry that took you forever to type up.

Dang. ;o;

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:: 2007 1 January :: 3.42 pm

Happy New Year!

Apri's 2007 Resolutions

- Treat others better
- Treat myself better
- Treat my personal items better (a.k.a cellphone, iPod, digital camera... etc)
- Finish homework earlier, websites, graphics, and other crap.
- Face fear of house at night
- Face fear of drowning
- Stop being spoiled and selfish
- Volunteer somewhere... and actually "work" there (I volunteered at the library over the summer. It literally killed me.)
- Be more organized
- Keep in contact with PTP friends
- Be more flexible!
- Learn to dance Hip-Hop (I saw the Justin Timberlake music video for "My Love" and dude... I want to know how to do that leg thing)
- Try to like children
- Write a story
- Write a song... and create a piano score for it too
- Practice oboe harder so I won't make a fool of myself when I go back to band
- Learn to paint
- Learn to sing
- Learn to sew
- Make a dress
- Go to AX
- Study photography
- Make friends with a stranger
- Make friends with an enemy
- Grow wings and fly

I'll probably add more later. Hehe~

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:: 2006 25 November :: 12.30 pm

I'm very very late. ;__; I'M SO SORRY.

Here you go Christine~

I made a whole mess more, but my computer is super fhweiuhgweuighiwe so like... you'll get them bit by bit. They are just simple icons but I think they are cuter that way. :'D

AND I'M LATE FOR AMANDA'S BIRTHDAY TOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I WANNA MAKE SOME STUFF FOR YOU TOO SO LIKE... I'll make something for you too. :'D What would you like?





and... ;__; I dunno. I feel sick.

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:: 2006 4 November :: 10.49 pm

I'm sorry I'm really late.

Happy Birthday~!!!!!!

and because I don't have a card. I'll make you some icons.

So what would you like? xD

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:: 2006 10 September :: 12.50 pm

Stoooole also...
Read more..

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:: 2006 9 September :: 2.57 pm

Hugo let me borrow his Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About The Paranormal book by Sylvia Brown. You know... the psychic lady from Montel. o_o it's quite an interesting book... all about... paranormal stuff. I'm not even sure if all of it is true. She says leperchauns and unicorns exist. o_o

Anyways, it's still interesting to read. xD Especially about the Charts and Spirit Guides. Oh and animal totems. o:

Oh well, it's still fun to read it. xD

I have a feeling my animal totem is a cat. o_o Even though I really like rabbits, I've always been drawn to cats. o-o Like, seriously. I have had 5 pet cats... and the majority of my stuffed animals are felines.

Weird. O_O This book is trying to brainwash me.

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:: 2006 4 September :: 10.13 pm

Bye bye Mr. Crocodile Hunter
I'm really sad about Steve Irwin.

Because when I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist and he was one of my inspirations.

It made me almost cry because I was so in shock. ;__;

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:: 2006 31 August :: 10.46 am

1) Make a comment~ 'cause I'll make an icon for you. D:
2) Tell me what you want your icon to be of.
3) I totally yanked this off LJ because I'm so freaking bored
3) You'll get your icon when I'm back from being grounded. ._.



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