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User:KirbyDee (user# 15304)
Name:Dee Bee
Location: California
AOL IM:AngelofMusic3713 [add buddy]
Bio:"Innocent as a dove you will harm none, but wise as a serpent none will harm you." "Commitment is what makes a promise reality." "The strength of the pack is each wolf, but the strength of each wolf is the pack." "You're only as good as your last rehearsal." “You all are here to get better, you want to get better. There’s something about bruising your hands and arms, busting your thumbs and fingers, that you love.” -Misty. Sad part it, it's so true. ~*~One breath, one heartbeat, one motion, one guard. If it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right.~*~
Friends:(2) musicalbabe, PrimaJazzerina
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Interests:(7) color guard, daydreaming, PBR spectacting, singing, track, wicca, writing
Created:2003-10-24 23:34:53
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