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User:Kooi (user# 24211)
Location: Alma, Michigan, United States
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Bio: I'm Cheryl. I'm nineteen and in college. I love to watch old Disney movies when I don't feel good. I like to speak in half languages. Usually spanglish. I don't work as hard as I should in school. Grades are not as important to me as they should be. I'm a music major and I hate classical music. I secretly wish that I was a princess because I like all the glitz and glam. I love to drink Sprite. But I prefer Pepsi over Coke. I hate liars. Don't lie to me. I love rap. I secretly listen to all pop also. I feel guilty when I skip class too much. I'm a compulsive away message checker on AIM. I hate when people type in short hand on MSN or AIM. I make Jesus jokes. He doesn't mind. I called and asked him. My best friends are my choir director from high school and a cabin counselor that I had for seven days. I never see either of them but talk to both of them all the time. I miss them like crazy. I'm not ashamed of that either. I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm addicted to livejournal and AIM. I'll always be signed on. My computer is never turned off. I think that Kelly Clarkson is the most talented women on this earth. I wouldn't mind making babies with Jonny Depp. At all. Ever. I can't spell. If I want to use a word that I can't spell, I'll take the time to go to and look it up. I just gave you the link. Maybe you should try it too. I openly wish I were pretty and am jealous of all my friends. I want to be famous someday. I have an over abundance of color bars in my info. Get used to it because I don't care what you think. I love "your mom" jokes. I use "your mom" at every single inappropriate time. And laugh. I love my daddy.
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Interests:(142) 11.11, 7th heaven, abc family channel, acting, adam sandler, american idol, arby's, babysitting, basketball, beef, big words, birds, black, blue, body spray, books, boy meets world, brown eyes, burger king, camping, camps, candles, car washes, care bears, chatting, chocolate, chocolate milk, choir, cinderella, cinnamon cented pinecones, clocks, clothes, computers, cow tipping, crackers, cram, dancing, dark hair, dawnson's creek, deodorant, detroit, diamonds,, disney channel, diving, dogs, email, eminem, empty vodka bottles, english, family guy, fire, fireworks, friends, glass, graduation, guestbooks, guys, hard lemonaide, hearts, hoodies, hot tea, ice, ice tea, idaho, internet, jeans, jewelry, kelly clarkson, kids, lavander, letters, lingo, lip gloss, love, magazines, markers, meat, mnemonic devices, money, mooses, music, nelly, organizing, pasel pink, peanut butter, peanut butter with chocolate, pens, pianos, pink, polyphonics, puppies, quotes, radio, rain, rainbows, reading, red, romance, roses, ruby, salads, sandals, sarcasm, saved by the bell, scorekeeping, sending letters, sented nail polish, setting off car alarms, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, singing, sister sister, sleeping, socks, stars, stickers, stories, suckers, summer, sunshine, swimming, talking, tanning, tattoos, telephones, tennis, that 70's show, that's so raven, the oc, the simpsons, tuna, typing, vases, victoria's secret, wammy, watermelon, websites, writing letters, .,
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