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03-13-2004 03:43pm

Hello, hello.

Yay, I'm the first to sign your guestbook. I should get an award for that.

Sam, you're an intelligent individual. You'll have many successes in your life, because you strive for excellency. Don't ever change on somebody else's account.

Take care, mi amiga.


07-11-2004 10:09pm

i know we just met but all i have to say is.... ill be here for you. talk to me whenever you feel the need to talk so someone, k? ill be here. in a sense, i want to be your guardian angel. as i am with my friends i want to be yours. ill be here.


Angel (Patrick Kolstee)


02-04-2005 01:00pm

well i am lucky number 3. three's a charm right?

well i love you and, justine is right, you will go very far in life and you'll live it great with a lot of fun and the such...

i love you like my own sisters and you're always there for me. you are a GREAT friend and as much as we fight, we'll be friends forever. i promise

-Allison Elizabeth

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