you think about yourself too much and you ruin who you love


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if you'd tell me to go to hell at least you'd sound sincere

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:: 2017 20 October :: 12.15 pm

my life is full of melody, but rarely ever harmony
cem came and went
lum moved back to florida
my puppy turned 1 year old yesterday
my turntable showed up finally



:: 2017 4 August :: 12.09 am

You needed it, he tasted you inside out. Your joy is my low.

Cem is coming to Omaha August 19 to 24!!!


:: 2017 24 July :: 2.32 am

deeply saddened


:: 2017 23 July :: 12.38 am

puppy is 9 months old now as of the 19th of july.

i can't stop thinking about chester bennington's death, i haven't listened to that band since high school either, maybe college, that remix album. this is the first celebrity where i've felt something when they've passed.

i cut off 8 or so inches of hair


:: 2017 23 July :: 12.37 am
:: Mood: sad

bored lonely depressed

the story goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on

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