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:: 2004 10 December :: 12.55 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Rush - Lessons

I just might go crazy and shoot up the school.


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:: 2004 30 July :: 12.56 am
:: Music: Rush - The Trees

Rush Concert
Oh my, oh my! The Rush concert was so amazing!! It was the most notable event in history this year! I saw my favorite student Tyler Lego! We said hi, he was wearing his black rush shirt. I hope he enjoyed the concert as much as I did. I'm gonna tell all my future students about him because he likes the best band there is! I hope to see him again at another Rush concert one day.

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:: 2004 12 July :: 3.26 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Rush - Xanadu

Rush Concert Soon!
Hello children, it's Mr. Hall again. I'm just letting you know that if you don't have your Rush rickets by now, time is running out. You need to get them now, while there are still seats left! I can't imagine an amazing band like Rush not selling out and arena. School is almost back. I'm starting prepare already. I'm rereading all the material that I will teach you children. I hope you have some interesting, historical stories about summer break or there's gonna be alot more reading in class. Good day everyone, and remember your Rush tickets.

Oh yea, junior class last year was TERRIBLE! Every last one of those dorks was a waste of my time.

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:: 2004 4 February :: 10.56 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: Rush - Leave That Thing Alone

Yes I am giggly
Yes children, it is me again, Mr. Hall. I need to repeat something that is very important to me...and should be very important to you. I love you all. That is correct, I love you. Except for are very bad and don't do your readin, yes you all know which people I'm talking about, and I would like you to give a detailed paragraph on why you disrespect me and don't do your reading. Please make sure to take any sheets BEFORE taking your seat or I will punch you or make you smoke with me. I will now announce you long-term assignment for the year which is to attend the Rush tour as they are the greatest band ever, so great in fact that their existence negates any music ever made...period.

Why are you still reading THIS?!? do some real reading!

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:: 2003 23 October :: 12.55 pm
:: Music: RUSH - By-Tor and the Snow Dog

I am back
Hello children, it's me, Mr. Hall. I'm back, finally. I haven't had much time to do this journal, with all my readin and what not. As you all should know, RUSH has come out with a new dvd from their latest tour. You all should go and buy it right now. And always remember that Neil Peart is better than you.

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:: 2003 12 May :: 8.33 pm
:: Music: Rush - Time Stand Still

E-Day has come and gone.
As you children know, you took the AP US History Examination on Friday. I was hiding in the bushes appx. 250 feet from the testing area but nobody would talk to me. So, tell me now, how was the exam, children?

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:: 2003 7 May :: 5.35 pm
:: Music: Rush - The Spirit of Radio

I love talking about the great state of Ohio during class. Ya'll like hearin bout Ohio right?

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:: 2003 5 May :: 8.16 pm

Rush - Limelight
Today I had fun teaching my students, because I felt energetic. AP test is comnig up and I can't contain my excitement, so i ask everyone if they're are ready...because I really expect someone to say no. The 50's video was fun to watch again to, because of the cheesy 50's background music in all the ads.

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:: 2003 29 April :: 8.50 pm
:: Music: Rush - La Villa Strangiato

On the History channel there is a nice program about the Japanese during WWII. They just finished talking about all lovely things that the Japanese did to American POW's on the death marches such as hanging them from barbed wire, and giving them only 10 seconds to complete their meals. Anyhow, they are now talking about the war crimes trials, I hope everyone is watching!

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:: 2003 27 April :: 4.38 pm
:: Mood: working
:: Music: Rush - Red Sector "A"

AP Exam
Children, the AP US History exam is coming up, and if you haven't already began studying, then you are way behind...And I am mad at you because when you fail I wont get 50 dollars. I was happy with most of the tests last week. But period 1, you guys just sucked. Period 3, as always, was perfect.

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